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Celebrating 3 years of passion, persistence and prosperity

May marked a huge milestone for me, but with the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, ‘the norm’ seemed a little out of reach to celebrate. As things are starting to ease, I have finally had some time to sit back and reflect on my biggest achievement. I started KW Marketing back in 2017 and I never envisaged…

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What’s my biggest achievement?

Where do I even start with this one! The last two years have absolutely flown by, but what’s my biggest achievement and why does it mean so much? I still remember the first day of being self-employed and thinking, what am I doing?! It’s scary to think that after 7 years into your career, you…

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What is my motivation?

It’s been a while since I last wrote on here and what a busy few months it has been! I have taken on some exciting new clients and I am continuing to watch my existing clients grow. But what is my motivation? I get asked countless times, why do I work such long hours? The…

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Which birthday month is the best?

This month is a huge milestone! Which birthday month is the best? May 2018 marks an extremely special occasion. In May 2017 KW Marketing UK began. Something which I never thought would grow in to what it has today. With over 10 clients, from a variety of industries, I can quite honestly say I have…

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Why New Year’s Resolutions are good

So here it is……2018. The biggest year to date! But what does a new year mean to you? Setting new goals and achieving the unexpected? Or just another year bumbling along? Now, is the time to realise why new year’s resolutions are good. Prepare Preparing for a new year means getting ahead of the game.…

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Where to study Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the biggest discussion point in marketing departments across the world. But where do you study Digital Marketing and how do you become an expert? Starting my career in London, Marketing was at the forefront of my career. Focusing mainly on PR, my role was to make sure the products we were marketing,…

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