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It’s time for your business to step into the digital age with an experienced web design agency based in Exeter. If you’re thinking of moving into the next phase of your digital journey, putting your best foot forward in the online marketplace is key - and what better way to do so than with web design that knocks your customer’s socks off! Your website is your digital shop - the perfect place that your customers can come to to purchase your products, so it needs to be set up in a way that speaks to your brand and business. A web design agency in Exeter can help you to gain a fresh perspective - as well as deliver to you a website that is innovative, engaging and built around driving you sales! Web design agency KW Marketing is here to help business owners out there to powerfully grow their brands, reach their revenue targets and help them to thrive in a competitive market. Other web design agencies out there might have burnt you before but KW Marketing is a team of passionate digital marketers that are here to help you to align your goals with your website.

So - a bit more about us. KW Marketing is a web design agency based in Exeter, passionate about helping their clients on their digital marketing journey. Working with the team is the difference that you need to create beautiful, functional and purposeful websites that perform well, look epic and do good. Kate and her expert team are a full service web design and development agency in Exeter, delivering websites that help brands to grow.

As the number 1 web design agency in Exeter, KW Marketing’s mission is to empower businesses and brands like yours to excel in their respective industries. Our team of experts are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge websites. Our highly impactful designs not only elevate your online presence but also drive significant revenue and traffic. Whether it's a minor adjustment to a product/service page or a complete overhaul of your web design and development, KW Marketing is committed to ensuring the success of our clients at every step.

So, what’s next? We’re here to help YOU. Get in touch with our Founder and Director, Kate Williams, here to learn more about how you can create your dream website.

Why you need to work with a Web Design Agency in Exeter.

As a small/medium business owner - you probably know the drill. You are constantly strapped for time, juggling a million things at once. We’ve seen small business owners practically running the show solo—handling finances, operations, HR—you name it. And for medium-sized businesses, it's no different; they're stretched thin, pulled in every direction imaginable. Unfortunately, digital marketing, web design and development often end up at the bottom of the to-do list.

Hold on though as there's a solution in sight. Partnering up with a web design agency like KW Marketing in Exeter can be a game-changer. The team brings expertise and strategy to the table, helping you build a killer website and boost your brand without burning out.

So, why KW Marketing, you ask? We’re all about delivering results and making sure your website stands out in the crowd!


KW Marketing’s roots are firmly in the South West. Our team has 30+ years of web design experience in the bank - and every year they’re building on it. We know from experience that small/medium sized brands and businesses can feel like they don’t know which way to go when they start their web design journey. Thankfully, our team of web design and development experts are here to help business owners to navigate through to their destination of growth and revenue.


To put it simply, we wouldn’t really be doing our jobs correctly if we didn’t help YOU. It doesn’t matter the size of the business or website that you might need help with - we’re here to help work within your budget and still deliver the results that YOU need. Whether you may need to scale up or down, our scalable service system can easily be flexed to suit what works for you. Our full roster of freelancers and in-house team are carefully handpicked to ensure that whatever your size, you’ve got the best team on the case.

So why is KW Marketing for me?

It’s a tough world out there. It’s so difficult for any small/medium business owner to make strategic digital marketing decisions. That’s why we always want you to make the decision with all the truth at your fingertips. We’re all about honesty and integrity - KW Marketing prides itself on cutting through the BS. We want your business to THRIVE and we know that we can help you to do so.

So, whether you choose us or not, we want to make sure that you take into consideration some other factors when you choose a web design agency in Exeter.


At KW Marketing, we're all about authenticity. We're committed to our promises with transparency, and clarity in every aspect of our work. We know that so many folks out there have been burned by other agencies dropping the ball. But we're here to change that narrative. We're confident in the value we bring to the table and how it can positively impact our clients' lives. Collaboration is key for us; we're in this together with our clients, not against them. Through thick and thin, we've got your back. Honesty is our guiding principle at KW Marketing!


We’ve got the best in the biz over at KW Marketing. They’re truly legends - the most passionate, experienced and go-getting team that you’ll find out there. No matter the web design challenge, you can count on them to tackle it like pros, brimming with energy and a huge smile. Our clients can chill out and rest easy, knowing that their web design game is in the hands of top-notch experts.


Our goal is simple - we're shooting to be the top web design agency for food and drink brands in the UK. And guess who's right beside us on this journey? Our wonderful clients. We're committed to making some incredible things happen in your digital marketing universe.

Our digital marketing services.

We offer a range of digital marketing services specifically designed for eCommerce businesses looking to ramp up their growth. If you're on the lookout for a web design agency based in Exeter, here are the services we bring to the table:

If you’d like to find out more about our services then head to our services page here!


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