The Local Trove

Clean design, faster load and easy-to-use ecommerce journey supports online delivery service Trove to engage customers.

The background

Trove is an ecommerce delivery service that connects local people to their community’s independent retailers. Shoppers can browse an online treasure trove of fantastic victuals, beverages and lifestyle goods from a range of local suppliers – it’s just like doing a normal online shop, but empowering customers to think local first, buy high-quality everyday products and reduce plastic packaging. Trove’s mission is to make it really easy to shop locally, without having to drop into multiple retailers – customers get the convenience of an online shop while feeling good about knowing where their food comes from, as well as supporting their local community.

The challenge

Over the last two years, co-founders Felicity Beasley and Victoria Ayres have attracted investment, established the technology and literally and physically ‘set up shop’ with suppliers. Their next job was to connect with and convert the consumers. Therefore, the website’s purpose changed from engaging investors and demonstrating the technology to attracting and converting customers. Digital marketing agency KW Marketing was brought on board to update the site to exude a less corporate, friendlier feel to enable its well-heeled, rural demographic to know, like and trust the brand and convert visitors to loyal customers.

Trove’s website needed support with:
A design refresh, to update the site’s aesthetics, look and feel, which included warming up the colour palette and adding high-quality product, people and location images.
Addressing branding, communication and SEO to drive more organic traffic and convert visitors to loyal customers.
Improving the ecommerce journey.
Development: build and maintenance – the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look great, work fast and perform well with a seamless user experience (UX).
Going live: supporting the new site with digital marketing at its heart.

The solution

Food marketing agency KW Marketing was referred to Trove in early summer 2022 and we relaunched the site in September 2022. We improved its look and feel as well as enhancing the UX, choosing an easy-to-use platform that ensured speedy load times. All the changes were seamlessly integrated so there were no technical or system complications.

Flic and Tor chose KW Marketing as a web design Devon agency to enable them to build a website that loads quickly and without issues, has easy-to-navigate pages and clear call to actions (CTAs) so website visitors are comfortable with making a purchase. The user-centred approach to design included a reduced number of clicks, great imagery, enhancing the ease of finding an item and placing an order, simplifying the checkout process, and enabling shoppers to save their cart. We also cut out an extra step to convert customers by adding a postcode checker on the homepage.

The impact

Within the first month of launching, has seen a substantial increase in user traffic and new customer sign-ups.

  • 151.88% increase in traffic
  • 138.99% increase in new users
  • 2.70% reduction in bounce rate
  • Streamlined content management
  • Improved user satisfaction

Scope of work


  • Discovery call: we found out what Trove needed and established how we could deliver the goods.
  • Research: we used Google Analytics, G Metrics and SEO tools to check out the existing site to see what was working and what wasn’t.


  • Wireframing: we established the site’s basic structure before visual design and content was added.
  • UX: we took into account user needs and user journeys.
  • Design: we made it fun but also functional.


  • Back-end development: we created the site’s ‘behind the scenes’ functionality.
  • Front-end development: we created everything that users see visually.
  • Systems integration: we ensured a smooth transition between the new site and the old site.


  • SEO: we improved the site to increase its visibility.
  • Testing: we thoroughly checked functionality.
  • Sign off: all the little details were ticked off.
  • GO LIVE: does what it says on the tin!

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