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Laura Kinsman

Welcome Laura to the KW Marketing Team

By Kate Williams | 24 November 2023

And just like that – a new season has dawned. The final few months of the year are always ones that rush on by – but we wanted to take a minute to stop and smell the roses as we…

The ULTIMATE guide to your eCommerce digital marketing funnel

The ULTIMATE guide to your eCommerce digital marketing funnel

By Kate Williams | 17 November 2023

Here we go again – some more marketing jargon for you. But WAIT. Before you click off – this is definitely something that you’re going to want to read if you’re a business owner. We’ve been in the business long…

Why good website design is ESSENTIAL

Why good website design is ESSENTIAL for your eCommerce business

By Kate Williams | 18 October 2023

Have you ever visited a shop and after 2 seconds, you know that it’s all wrong? The lights are too bright, the music blaring too loudly, the products are all in the wrong place. It’s enough to make you walk…

Trusted Paid Social Agency

Level up your brand awareness and drive traffic with a trusted paid social media agency

By Kate Williams | 25 September 2023

We’ve all done it. Be suckered into buying something fabulous from a gorgeous social ad. As a paid social media agency, we know that paid social ads for eCommerce brands are so lucrative in driving traffic, revenue, and engaged customers…

Navigate the biggest season in eCommerce

10 ways to navigate the biggest season in eCommerce: Black Friday, Cyber Monday & more!

By Kate Williams | 18 September 2023

There’s a certain scent in the air at this time of year. From the last of the summer sun still dwindling, to the sense of anticipation that is in the air – Autumn time with its crunchy leaves, golden light…

KW Marketing London-We've Arrived

London, we’ve arrived!

By Kate Williams | 25 August 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that KW Marketing has opened a London office to capitalise on new client opportunities. Following rapid growth since Covid, we’ve launched a Notting Hill office to support our fast-expanding team and significant new client wins and…

A trusted eCommerce PPC agency

How to kickstart your eCommerce success with an trusted eCommerce PPC agency

By Mela Baldock | 23 August 2023

Sometimes, it can feel like the digital marketing world is filled with acronyms. PPC, SEO, ROI…it can feel like you’re wading through a minefield of jargon. Luckily, a trusted and experienced eCommerce PPC agency is here to help you kickstart…

Food Social Media

How to make your food social media build brand awareness

By Kate Williams | 17 August 2023

Good enough to tweet – and to eat. We’ve all heard the saying that ‘the camera eats first’ – and with billions of users scrolling through their social media feeds daily, mastering your food social media is absolutely essential for…

Google on laptop screen

How Google ads grow your audience & keep your customers coming back!

By Hannah Coombe | 10 August 2023

It’s finally here. Part three of our foodie digital marketing series – ‘How you’re using digital marketing in your business’. Foodie digital marketing is what makes us get up in the morning – we absolutely THRIVE on helping some of…

Top 5 ‘email flows’ you NEED for your eCommerce website

Top 5 ‘email flows’ you NEED for your eCommerce website

By Hannah Coombe | 3 August 2023

The word  ‘flows’ should be music to your ears if you’re a business owner or manager. Email marketing automations or ‘flows’ help your business run more efficiently. It minimises time spent doing repetitive tasks—giving you more time to focus on doing…

Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

Unlock your growth with a freelance digital marketing consultant

By Kate Williams | 31 July 2023

Whoosh. Nowadays, it feels like all you have to do is blink and the world has rushed on at a million miles per hour. Sometimes it’s difficult to stick your head out of the clouds and take a deep breath…

Email – the revenue driver that works whilst you sleep!

By Hannah Coombe | 3 July 2023

Welcome to part two of our foodie digital marketing series – ‘How you’re using digital marketing in your business’. As a food and drink digital marketing agency that THRIVES on helping brands reach their goals, we love to delve deep…

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