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Three need-to-know trends to level up your email marketing in 2022

By Kate Williams | 10 January 2022

Email is everywhere. Continued internet access through mobile, deepened by the changes in pandemic and post-pandemic marketing, means it’s not going anywhere, either. So, what elements do you need to build into your email marketing strategy? Let’s explore the trends…

How to reflect, refresh and reset for 2022

By Kate Williams | 10 December 2021

Between working from home, pivoting strategies to cope with unprecedented challenges and working on staying healthy and well, it’s understandable if your business goals took a temporary back seat in 2021. But with Christmas complete and the new year right…

How I can help grow your food and drink brand through digital

By Kate Williams | 8 November 2021

Hungry for success? It’s time to scale your online food and drinks brand with confidence and clarity. If you’re an ambitious food and drinks brand with an online store, seeking a marketing strategy for growth, and looking to explore paid…

My experience of being a female digital entrepreneur

By Kate Williams | 6 October 2021

… so far! Have you ever felt that sinking feeling when you realise you’re one of very few females at a meeting or networking event? Me too. I normally try to ignore the fact I am one of the only…

Harness the power of a strategy

By Kate Williams | 1 September 2021

If you want to build a solid foundation and more freedom and flexibility into your business, you need to start with … a strategy. Yes, I know ‘strategy’ isn’t the sexiest of buzzwords – it’s more of a buzzkill –…

Celebrating 3 years of passion, persistence and prosperity

By Kate Williams | 7 June 2020

May marked a huge milestone for me, but with the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, ‘the norm’ seemed a little out of reach to celebrate. As things are starting to ease, I have finally had some time to sit back and reflect…

How algorithms rule the world

By Kate Williams | 3 February 2020

Social media algorithms; a data puzzle waiting to be solved. Their role is to deliver ‘relevant’ content however it is the great ‘unknown’ on how to beat them. In this blog, I am going to break down everything you need…

How to launch a product using email marketing

By Kate Williams | 14 October 2019

Email marketing differs for every brand. No one method works. It’s all about testing! Testing to find out as much about your audience as you can. The best way to launch a product is to trigger curiosity and interest, but…

The power of planning

By Kate Williams | 22 June 2019

Running an agency is a constant balancing act. Instead of having one boss you have several. Instead of having one brand, you have multiple. Each, as important as the next. My biggest learning throughout my career is that the power…

What’s my biggest achievement?

By Kate Williams | 1 May 2019

Where do I even start with this one! The last two years have absolutely flown by, but what’s my biggest achievement and why does it mean so much? I still remember the first day of being self-employed and thinking, what…

What is Influencer Marketing?

By Kate Williams | 18 April 2019

There is so much noise in the digital sphere around Influencer Marketing. Of course, it will never replace Social Media Marketing or Content Marketing because, without them, it wouldn’t exist. But what is Influencer Marketing and how will it help…

Kate started working with our company around three months ago and she has been absolutely amazing. It's not just her expertise (which is fab) and her drive and energy (impressive) - it's also that she 'got' us from day one and became an essential part of our small team almost immediately. She has made a massive difference to our social media marketing campaigns but also adds value to lots of other aspects such as our brand and our content marketing. We came across Kate by chance (well, her strong Google presence really!) and we are so lucky to have as part of our team.
Working with Kate has been a brilliant experience. Not only is Kate incredibly hard-working, knowledgeable and professional, but Kate’s passion for our brand and friendly nature made her a vital extension of our team, helping us to grow our business and exceed our ambitions.
We worked with Kate to support on the launch of our new website. She was detailed, efficient and added value to the project by offering additional feedback which enhanced customer experience and website performance.
Kate has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is considerate, creative, diligent and responsive, and has shown a great ability to adapt to our unique requirements and changing pace during a challenging period. As with all the best consultants, Kate is a good listener and fun to work with, but she’s also action-orientated and moves quickly in pursuit of tangible results. Her ability to understand the needs of our diverse audiences, backed by her significant experience in digital communications, has resulted in consistent growth across all our social media channels.
Within a very short period of time, Kate felt part of the SWBC team. She has a charming personality, works highly efficiently, and has a really good knowledge of digital marketing techniques and social media trends. She will offer up solutions to any challenge, and actively look for ways to enhance any B2B communication strategy.
As an international charity, we needed a social media expert who could provide a high level of ongoing support with our digital channels. Kate was personally recommended to us and, having now worked with her for a few months, I’m not in the least bit surprised. She’s entirely reliable, always responsive, and is a joy to work with. Kate fully invests her knowledge, skills and energy into our work, and there’s no doubt she’s helping us raise our standards improving our results. Kate’s a crucial and appreciated extension of our team.
We launched our online marketplace 6 months ago and Kate has been an integral part of its growth by providing us with her impeccable insight into the world of digital marketing. We are so pleased to have her on board and look forward to continuing our work together.

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