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We’re a digital marketing agency that is all about getting YOU the digital marketing results that will elevate your sales, grow your business and boost your revenue. From website design to paid social media ads – and everything in between – together we'll uncover the opportunities you need to THRIVE.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Kate Williams is THE digital marketing consultant to help you unlock your brand’s true potential. Since founding Digital Marketing Agency KW Marketing in 2017, Kate has helped countless founders, SMEs and established brands level up. Drawing on years of big brand know-how, she’ll tailor this expertise to suit your individual needs and develop, implement and monitor your paid and organic digital marketing strategies. Let’s get you results, grow your business and make you THRIVE!

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Social Media

We have the special sauce to spice up your organic social media, get your audience’s taste buds tingling and encourage them to come and take a bite of what you’re offering. From working out which platform is best suited to your brand and creating tasty content to whet their appetite, our social media agency will craft campaigns that will make them sit up and take notice, growing your presence, your community and your sales.

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Paid Social Media

Working with a limited budget but want hefty ROI goals? Look no further. Reach your ideal audience faster, save £££ and get to know your customers better by blending our paid social agency with your social media strategy. Give your business guaranteed reach, send more people to your website and gain up to 50 x return-on-ad-spend. Yes, paid ads are SOOO worth it!

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Email Marketing

If you’ve been wondering what you could do differently to get your business out there and secure more clients, we have the answer: email marketing agency. Whether you need to start and grow your email list from scratch or streamline, improve and automate what you’re already doing, we’ll support you to build an email database that converts subscribers into customers, boosting your sales and powering up your revenues.

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Google Ads

You’ve got a beautiful website, fabulous products and you’re ready to serve. All you need is more website traffic and more conversions. What if there was a way to target your ideal audience, ensure they see your website on Google, and tempt them to click through with the right keywords?! There is, and it’s Google ads. The results? Increased conversions, more traffic, precise targeting, faster results and improved ROI with our Google ads agency.

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Website Design

Ugly websites finish last. Eye-catching design, attractive aesthetics and visual appeal come as standard with KW Marketing website design agency, creating an impactful and positive first impression for your audience. But it’s not all about looks when you’re making beautiful websites – they have to be functional, too. Simplicity, a clear purpose and ease of use will make the difference between a website that WOWS and one that, well, doesn’t.

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Working with Kate has been a brilliant experience. Not only is Kate incredibly hard-working, knowledgeable and professional, but Kate’s passion for our brand and friendly nature made her a vital extension of our team, helping us to grow our business and exceed our ambitions.
It's always lovely to work with Kate - she is very knowledgeable and has many amazing ideas to help! Love her work!
HUGE thank you to KW Marketing for all of your help, for being a brilliant female founder yourself, and for believing in our movement!
I am delighted with the step-changing performance of our eCommerce business, driven by the diligent, professional and exceptional expertise of Kate, Lucy and the KW Marketing team. Really looking forward to creating the plan for 2024 and continuing on this growth agenda together!
Kate and the team worked incredibly hard for us throughout our Christmas Email and Social Media campaigns, providing results to match! Their energy and enthusiasm knows no limits and we will most definitely be using their services again in the future.
It has been a breath of fresh air working with Kate. She quickly got to grips with what it was our business needed and then made some very clear recommendations. Once we agreed on the project she delivered it seamlessly whilst providing useful updates throughout. I felt that she was very aware of all the pressures on me as a business owner and went out of her way to keep things straight forward. The result is that I now have a framework for our email marketing and after a thorough handover I am really looking forward to generating some results.
KW Marketing successfully increased our social media presence and grew our followers on every platform! Their tailored strategies, engaging content, and innovative ideas have resulted in remarkable growth, with enhanced brand visibility and increased footfall to our bakeries. Highly recommend to any business seeking to expand their online reach!
Kate's great digital marketing knowledge has shaped the digital footprint for our business. Kate goes above and beyond to support us and our business showing genuine care and passion for what we do. I can highly recommend Kate for any business wanting/needing to shine online.
Kate and her team have been absolutely fantastic - incredibly professional, dedicated and they go above and beyond what is expected. We are thoroughly impressed and could not recommend them more.
I loved the workshop, it was fantastic! The biggest takeaway was to make sure we are advertising in the right place for the biggest return. It seems obvious but the workshop has given me a clear focus!
We worked with Kate to support on the launch of our new website. She was detailed, efficient and added value to the project by offering additional feedback which enhanced customer experience and website performance.
Kate started working with our company around two years ago and she has been absolutely amazing. It's not just her expertise (which is fab) and her drive and energy (impressive) - it's also that she 'got' us from day one and became an essential part of our small team almost immediately. She has made a massive difference to our social media marketing campaigns but also adds value to lots of other aspects such as our brand and our content marketing. We came across Kate by chance (well, her strong Google presence really!) and we are so lucky to have as part of our team.
Kate demonstrated 360-degree expertise in setting up multiple automated flows on a new email platform for HGI, engendering confidence throughout the business. Kate was a pleasure to work with. Beyond her technical abilities, she brings fantastic energy, creativity and a positive mindset to every task and interaction. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
Since February, we have been working closely with Hannah, at KW Marketing, we cannot fault her or the team at all, no job is too big for them! Again thank you to Kate, Hannah, and their amazing team! Highly recommend!
Working with Kate, Mela and the team has been a joy. Their generosity with their expertise and time made a big difference to my personal development as well as the charity I work for. Thank you KW Marketing!
As an international charity, we needed a social media expert who could provide a high level of ongoing support with our digital channels. Kate was personally recommended to us and, having now worked with her for a few years, I’m not in the least bit surprised. She’s entirely reliable, always responsive, and is a joy to work with. Kate fully invests her knowledge, skills and energy into our work, and there’s no doubt she’s helping us raise our standards improving our results. Kate’s a crucial and appreciated extension of our team.
Within a very short period of time, Kate felt part of the SWBC team. She has a charming personality, works highly efficiently, and has a really good knowledge of digital marketing techniques and social media trends. She will offer up solutions to any challenge, and actively look for ways to enhance any B2B communication strategy.
Kate has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is considerate, creative, diligent and responsive, and has shown a great ability to adapt to our unique requirements and changing pace during a challenging period. As with all the best consultants, Kate is a good listener and fun to work with, but she’s also action-orientated and moves quickly in pursuit of tangible results. Her ability to understand the needs of our diverse audiences, backed by her significant experience in digital communications, has resulted in consistent growth across all our social media channels.
We launched our online marketplace 6 months ago and Kate has been an integral part of its growth by providing us with her impeccable insight into the world of digital marketing. We are so pleased to have her on board and look forward to continuing our work together.

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