Full scale digital marketing strategy: Popcorn Kitchen

If you know us, you know that we LOVE food. Not only this, but we LOVE snacks – popcorn, crisps and all the good stuff! So when popcorn mavericks, Popcorn Kitchen burst onto the scene, we were instant fans. Luckily, they were fans of us too! They say that time flies when you’re having fun – and KW Marketing has had the pleasure of  working with Popcorn Kitchen for five whole years! We adore them, and recently our relationship has changed for the better.

Previously, KW Marketing helped Popcorn Kitchen on their organic social media content. Getting engagement, clicks and likes were our bag! Everyone from Joe Wicks to Ekin-Su and Davide were hungry for a bit of Popcorn Kitchen. But now, with GREAT growth ambitions and a digital-focused strategy, KW Marketing is proudly the ONLY digital marketing partner for Popcorn Kitchen. Covering off digital campaigns, website updates and general know-how – we couldn’t be prouder of our work with Popcorn Kitchen. Read on to find out more about how KW Marketing has been helping Popcorn Kitchen to build awareness, drive traffic and get their customers coming back for more.

The challenge

Popcorn Kitchen is the real deal when it comes to gourmet popcorn. Picture this: a bunch of popcorn enthusiasts led by the dynamic and fabulous Louise Webb, have been creating popcorn magic since 2012. They started small, popping corn at food festivals in Surrey from a quirky mobile popcorn kettle. Soon, their name exploded in the eCommerce food market and they began their journey to foodie heaven.

Fast forward to today, and Popcorn Kitchen is rocking the popcorn scene. They’re all about top-notch ingredients and saying a big no-no to anything synthetic. They pride themselves on their natural ingredients, using only top-of-the-line produce. These popcorn pros supply their delicious creations to fancy retailers like Selfridges, favourites like New Look and also any reputable online shops and grocers. To name a few – Darts Farm, The Lambing Shed Farm Shop & Garsons Garden Centre are all MASSIVE fans of Popcorn Kitchen!

But they haven’t stopped there. Popcorn Kitchen, with the help of their partners at KW Marketing, have tapped into the comfort food trend as well as the health and wellness snacking angle. They’re cooking up some new, head-turning flavours that had snackers everywhere reaching for more. From their award-winning bestselling Pop at Home Kits to their deliciously revolutionary Giant Popcorn & Chocolate Bars – the test kitchen at HQ has been hard at work! But, how have they used these new flavours and products and broken fully into the world of digital marketing? Read on to find out more!

The solution

Initially, our collaboration with Popcorn Kitchen focused solely on their social media content. With time (and hard work!) KW Marketing has helped Popcorn Kitchen to evolve their social media content, bringing them bang up to date with their organic social media. In 2023, KW Marketing were proud to have been asked to increase their level of digital marketing support, and now is the sole digital marketing arm to the business. KW Marketing is playing a crucial role in delivering and executing strategies across all digital marketing channels, ahead of and during their busiest time of year. Christmas & Black Friday/Cyber Monday digital marketing campaigns form the bedrock of Popcorn Kitchen’s annual revenue and KW Marketing is here to smash it out the park! Our digital strategy is pivotal in supporting Popcorn Kitchen’s mission to revolutionise the popcorn industry. Taking on the role of a fully engaged digital marketing support and overseeing all aspects of Popcorn Kitchen’s digital presence is no mean feat – the team is proud to work collaboratively with Popcorn Kitchen on digital marketing needs as well as providing market insights into branding and content marketing.

Since taking on this expanded role, KW Marketing has spearheaded numerous digital marketing projects to great success. These projects include assisting Popcorn Kitchen in onboarding a new email marketing strategy making necessary website amendments. Our overarching goal has been to significantly enhance sales revenue and brand awareness and recall for Popcorn Kitchen throughout the customer’s digital marketing journey.

Not only this, KW Marketing has crafted a tailored bespoke social media marketing strategy for customers and supporters of Popcorn Kitchen. We ensure consistent performance across all social media campaigns, celebrating new flavours of the month and effectively reaching the right audience, at the right time. KW Marketing has played a pivotal role in enhancing Popcorn Kitchen’s social media presence across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and X. We apply cohesive customer journeys, driving traffic from social media to blog and website content, including featured projects, customer testimonials, industry tips, and other relevant content for a complete brand experience.

Additionally, KW Marketing have also initiated targeted paid social and PPC campaigns to boost brand recognition for Popcorn Kitchen. Drawing on our years of experience working with variable PPC budgets, we help Popcorn Kitchen implement a cost-effective bidding strategy that maximises returns.

The impact

  • 70% YOY Revenue growth
  • 20% AOV growth
  • Sales from Social Media up 400%
  • Customer numbers up 55%
  • 500% increase in Email Marketing database
  • Social engagement UP!

So many BRILLIANT wins to come from KW Marketing’s work with Popcorn Kitchen – they also won The Growing Business Award of Micro Business of the Year 2023! It’s been an incredible year for Popcorn Kitchen – and we’re so glad to be with them for the next stage of their growth!

“I am delighted with the step-changing performance of our eCommerce business, driven by the diligent, professional and exceptional expertise of Kate, Lucy and the KW Marketing team. Really looking forward to creating the plan for 2024 and continuing on this growth agenda together!”

Louise Monk, Owner & Co-Founder, Popcorn Kitchen

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