Disruptive HR

Paid social, Google Ads and email marketing strategy supports innovative consultancy Disruptive HR to increase revenues.

The challenge

Disruptive HR is a London-based consultancy that helps leaders and HR professionals to manage people in disruptive and creative ways that are more relevant to the needs of modern organisations and today’s employees. Led by ex-BBC HR Director and CEO Lucy Adams and Director Karen Moran, it provides workshops, training and consultancy.

As the consultancy grew, it set up a membership platform: the Disruptive HR Club, a global online network that provides training, guidance and info on the latest trends in HR. The goal was to increase revenue.

To maximise sales of Disruptive HR programmes, webinars and the Disruptive HR Club, Lucy and Karen wanted to place their business in front of new leads and potential customers who not only matched their target audience but had never actually interacted with or seen their business before.

The solution

KW Marketing knows that by encompassing paid ads and sponsored or promoted posts, social media advertising and Google Ads can be used to send traffic to profile pages or a website. Paid ads are used to create an initial buzz around content or to generate awareness of a brand or product, service or offering and can be very profitable.

KW Marketing created campaigns in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to promote the Disruptive HR Club and any other workshops or training that are run in a standalone capacity on DisruptiveHR.com to HR professionals.

And while social media marketing is a great way for Disruptive HR to reach its audience, it is an even better way to help build the all-important email list. An engaged audience on social as a result of a paid ads strategy meant users were primed to interact with Disruptive HR and were more likely to share their contact information. As part of the wider digital marketing strategy, KW Marketing advised Disruptive HR to continue to grow its email list to spread its message and connect with customers.

The impact

After working with KW Marketing, Disruptive HR saw elevated sales from its paid social media marketing, Google Ads and email marketing, having never advertised before.

Paid social media: Q4

  • 19,400 impressions
  • 6,700 reach
  • 15 conversions
  • £14.74 per conversion
  • £225 total spend

After just one quarter, KW Marketing’s Disruptive HR Club campaign saw a total of 15 sales, 19.4k impressions and reach of 6.7k. In total, £225 was spent and for every purchase, £14.73 was spent per conversion.

Paid Google Ads: Q4

  • 11,700 impressions
  • 840 clicks
  • 28 conversions
  • £0.51 per conversion
  • £427 total spend
  • £8,847.75 revenue

After running Google Ads for just two months, KW Marketing saw 28 conversions (sales) and 11.7k impressions. The campaign drove 840 clicks to the website. In total, £427 was spent and for every purchase, £0.51 was spent per conversion, with a total of £8,847.75 in revenue.

Email marketing

KW Marketing moved Disruptive HR from Hubspot to Mailchimp, designed the first emails, manages the flows (a series of automated emails designed to work together to accomplish a goal, such as onboarding new clients) and schedules regular comms. The next piece in the puzzle is the creation of a lead magnet to build the database so the ads will follow suit, encouraging link clicks not conversions.

KW Marketing’s digital strategy is now key to supporting this innovative consultancy’s mission to disrupt the world of HR. KW Marketing plays a fully immersed digital marketing support role for Disruptive HR, managing paid social, organic social, Google Ads and email marketing. We have been retained to offer weekly support, which means a chunk of time is guaranteed for Disruptive HR and we are able to work more collaboratively on a range of digital marketing needs, including consulting on branding and content marketing.

‘‘Kate started working with our company almost three years ago and she has been absolutely amazing. It’s not just her expertise (which is fab) and her drive and energy (impressive) – it’s also that she “got” us from day one and became an essential part of our small team almost immediately. She has made a massive difference to our social media marketing campaigns but also adds value to lots of other aspects such as our brand and our content marketing. We came across Kate by chance (well, her strong Google presence really!) and we are so lucky to have as part of our team.’’

Lucy Adams, CEO, Disruptive HR

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