For baked goodies, we know that passion is the secret ingredient that keeps the dough rising. From TikTok’s, Reels and Shorts – sometimes it feels like bakeries, pastries and more are ABSOLUTELY everywhere. And rightly so! Bakeries, pasties and sweet goods are here to stay and no singular business knows this more than Ryders Bakery. They’re one of our absolute favourites when it comes to getting any form of baked goods in Devon! As they are also based in the South West, we wanted to rise to the occasion when they reached out for some digital marketing know-how. But who are they? Read on!

In 1972, Keith Ryder bought his first bakery on his 22nd birthday. All he wanted to do was to bake fresh every day using great ingredients, support local producers, and sell for a fair price. Three generations later, and they’re still working the same way. They love what they bake, and they eat everything they sell. (Not all at the same time, obviously!).

Keith and Diane’s son Shaun joined in 1980 and was quickly instrumental in helping the company grew again with shops in Teignmouth, The Strand, Dawlish and at Dawlish Warren.

In 2017, to make it a family trio, Shaun’s son, Sam Ryder, joined the business. He quickly learned the ropes, and today father and son work together every day on the bakery floor making sure that everything that goes out the door is good enough to bear the Ryders name on it.

Ryders Bakery still supplies its own shops and proudly continues to supply quality businesses across the South West, including multiple award-winning farm shops.
And some things never change. You’ll still see a crowd of people every morning eager for Ryder’s warm fresh bread and Secret Recipe Lardy Cake.

So – with such a rich history, it was a no-brainer for the KW Marketing team when Ryders Bakery came to us looking for some social media marketing expertise. But what exactly did we help with? Read on!

The challenge

The team at Ryders Bakery found themselves in the position of needing to raise the roof on their social media marketing strategy. Social media marketing agency, KW Marketing were on hand to work alongside the family to develop a social media strategy that reached their target audience as well as creating content that inspires and delights. The goal for the social media marketing strategy was clear – increase brand awareness, gain social followers and effectively uplift social engagement. The Dawlish Warren store was an essential target as it is a tourist/holiday maker hotspot. The team at Ryders Bakery also wanted to ensure that their presence was upkept locally during the winter months, especially for their seaside stores. For the content creation, they needed help with promoting their multitude of stores on social media and also wanted to promote their beautiful products and hot food offerings so that there is a big emphasis on capturing what Ryders does best.

Like with any new client, the KW Marketing team ensured a thorough analysis of the current social media marketing set up. The team were on hand to do a deep dive into Ryders Bakery and uncover any soggy bottoms! What KW Marketing hit upon was a need for fresh and vibrant content creation that displayed the shops and the pastries in their full beauty.

KW Marketing worked alongside the team at Ryders bakery to nail down the range of customers that they were marketing to. From summer holiday goers to family favourites, KW Marketing knew who Ryders Bakery needed to get through their doors.

The solution

From onboarding, KW Marketing knew that we had a task on our hands. We wanted to ensure that Ryders social media marketing was looking on point. Working closely with the inhouse team, KW Marketing were able to build out a creative and concise social media content calendar that not only looked tasty but reached their goals!

KW Marketing carefully selected social media platforms for Ryders Bakery that aligned with its target audience and business goals. They were sure to focus on the platform that they knew their audience were – Instagram KW Marketing utilised Instagram to showcase its visually appealing products, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the baking process, and customer testimonials. With this they were able to share updates on new product offerings, promotions, and events, and respond promptly to customer queries and feedback.

By putting together a solid social media plan which includes posts, reels and stories, KW marketing knew that they were onto a winner. Stories include polls, questions and other interactive features to boost engagement with their key demographic.

KW Marketing also worked on a basket full of content creation for Ryders Bakery, capturing the amazing food that they offer, from sweet to savoury, fresh bread, street food and coffees.

Not only this, to reach a larger audience, KW Marketing undertook the task of running competitions and social giveaways and boosting posts within the local demographic to increase brand awareness locally to holiday makers and locals.

The impact

During the time working with the team at Ryders Bakery, we were able to see a HUGE impact on brand awareness. There was a massive increase in engagement, likes, website visits and comments – all directly attributed to their social media & content creation strategy.

We absolutely loved working with the team at Ryders Bakery and can’t wait to work with them in the future!

1,077% increase in Accounts Reached
658% increase in Accounts Engaged
20% increase in Followers
1,265% increase in Likes
57% increase in Average Engagement (9.16%)

1,212% increase in Reach
318% increase in Impressions
12,000% increase in shares

“I am extremely pleased with the last few months of working with KW Marketing team. They successfully increased our social media presence and grew our followers on every platform. Their tailored strategies, engaging content, and innovative ideas have resulted in remarkable growth, with enhanced brand visibility and increased footfall to our bakeries. I highly recommend KW Marketing to any business seeking to expand their online reach.”

Sam Ryder, Owner, Ryders Bakery

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If you haven’t checked them out yet – Ryders Bakery has shops in Bovey Tracey, Dawlish and Dawlish Warren, plus a BRAND new stall opening in Dawlish Warren which is serving street food. Get your tasty seaside treats at Ryders!