Social media & email marketing case study: The Panettone Store

Ah, the sweet smell of baked goods. Cakes, pastries, buns – I think that we can all agree that all that good stuff is addictive! And if those baked goods are Italian? Even better.

Enter, The Panettone Store. The Panettone Store is the first and only UK-based online store that is purely dedicated to bringing the finest quality panettone and treats to you. Sourcing their products from some of the best and most renowned producers that Italy has to offer, The Panettone Stores delivers world-class sweet treats to the doorsteps of the UK. They are meticulous in their choice of producer, ensuring that their ingredients and production methods are second to none and date back decades. The team at The Panettone Store are passionate that their customers will only receive products of the finest quality and taste – the way that panettone should be.

But, The Panettone Store had a unique challenge. In a challenging online food delivery marketplace, they were struggling to rise above their competitors and achieve the momentum that they needed going into the busy holiday season. And the answer for their digital marketing woes? KW Marketing, of course!

The Panettone Store approached our team at KW Marketing with a challenge to enhance their online presence and boost sales during the festive season. So how did KW Marketing do it? Read on!

The challenge

The Panettone Store is a family-owned business with a rich heritage of sourcing traditional and innovative panettone, faced with the challenge of standing out in a competitive market during the holiday season. They sought to build brand awareness, engage with their audience, and ultimately increase online sales.

Their incredibly unique offering faced a series of challenges that prompted their need for a comprehensive digital marketing overhaul. Firstly, the market for holiday sweets, especially during the festive season, is highly competitive. The Panettone Store needed to ensure that they were standing out amidst a saturation of similar offerings and establish a distinctive brand identity that would capture the attention of consumers.

Not only this, but there was the inherent challenge of being a seasonal business, primarily thriving during the holiday season. This created the need for a marketing strategy that could maximise their impact and revenue during a relatively short time frame.

Finally, although The Panettone Store had a compelling story as a family business with a heritage of traditional and creative panettone, translating this narrative into effective brand storytelling that resonated with the target audience posed a challenge.

So, how did KW Marketing take these challenges and deliver results for The Panettone Store?

The solution

For organic social media, social media agency KW Marketing began, by conducting a comprehensive analysis of The Panettone Store’s existing social media presence. The team identified opportunities for improvement and crafted a bespoke and tailored organic social media strategy to elevate brand visibility, foster community engagement, and drive traffic to their online store.

Key to this strategy was a content calendar that aligned with key holiday events and themes, ensuring a consistent and cohesive brand message. This, coupled with visual storytelling through the use of reels, images and copy meant that the team could leverage the visual appeal of their delectable panettone. The KW Marketing team invested in high-quality, mouthwatering visuals to showcase their products and evoke a sense of holiday indulgence. And the hard work didn’t stop there! The KW Marketing team were on hand to actively engage with followers, respond to comments and run interactive contests to encourage community and loyalty.

With the brand awareness and community-building channel of organic social media taken care of, it was then up to the KW Marketing team to build conversion and retention strategies through email marketing. To begin with, email marketing agency KW Marketing undertook an audit of The Panettone Store’s current email marketing set up. Once this was completed, the team put together and implemented an email marketing strategy to connect with existing customers, nurture leads, and drive repeat purchases. The KW Marketing team segmented the customer database to send personalised emails, offer exclusive promotions, holiday recipes and behind-the-scenes of panettone. As for the results? They were nothing short of sweet success for The Panettone Store.

The impact

  • 544% increase in Followers
  • 2039% increase in Impressions
  • 190% up on Email Marketing Revenue

So there we have it! As you can tell, we absolutely LOVE working on social media and email marketing for our clients. There are so many incredible results from working with The Panettone Store – and we can’t wait to see where our partnership leads to next!

“Kate and the team worked incredibly hard for us throughout our Christmas email and social media campaigns, providing results to match (especially from the email campaigns!). Their energy and enthusiasm know no limits and we will most definitely be using their services again in the future.”

Nigel Wright, Owner & Founder, The Panettone Store

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