6 proven strategies that have exploded our clients’ eCommerce revenues


If you’re here, then you’re really serious about growing your business and unleashing your hidden profit potential. You’re committed to reaching those goals and we’re committed to helping you get there.

Our clients have seen 5X revenue growth and achieved 50X return on ad spend. Their secret? They followed our 6 proven strategies to explode their revenue. Are you ready to grow your business?




This masterclass is designed to provide you with comprehensive training in the field of digital marketing and equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this rapidly evolving industry. We’re here to help you get the proven strategies that EXPLODED our client’s revenues.

Our Digital Marketing Masterclass is an online course that comprises of 6 modules covering a wide range of topics in digital marketing to get you on your way to rocketing your revenue. We’ll be covering off:

  1. The power of pop-ups: How to maximise your sign-up forms & how to make them do the hard work for you!
  2. Email marketing automation hacks: Make revenue in your sleep – learn how to set up your automated email campaigns and watch that revenue roll in!
  3. SEO: The slow burner that is absolutely worth every second of your time. Drive loyal, engaged visitors to your website through a water tight SEO strategy and find out why exactly content is king.
  4. Why paid ads are worth every penny: Learn how to reach your target audience through engaging and personalized ads.
  5. Retargeting: Focus on your funnel & customers purchase behaviour – we will help you to retarget your audience and get them coming back for more.
  6. Promotional offers: Tip your potential customers over that line and see that revenue roll through the door.

You’ll be led through the topics by Kate Williams, founder of KW Marketing & digital marketing extraordinaire! For just £97, you will receive the FULL masterclass along with a £150 gift from us!

Who should attend:

This masterclass is 100% for you if you feel the following:

1. You want to increase revenue
2. You are looking to connect with your audience
3. You want to grow your brand awareness

Are you ready to grow your business? LET’S GO!

Learning outcomes:

For just a £97 investment you will be left with:

Develop a strong understanding of digital marketing principles and best practices.
Acquire hands-on experience in using a variety of digital marketing tools and platforms.
Know how to create effective digital marketing campaigns that meet your business objectives & watch that revenue roll in!

About KW Marketing:

KW Marketing a creative, dynamic and energetic Devon-based digital marketing consultancy, led by founder Kate Williams. Our mission is to help start-ups and established brands connect to their audiences, build communities, elevate their businesses and thrive. Putting people, communication and storytelling first, we empower SMEs to turn on their light and shine.

Each business has unique requirements. KW Marketing creates bespoke and tailor-made digital marketing solutions and strategies that differentiate your brand and make you a strong competitor in your industry.

About Kate Williams:

Kate Williams is the founder of KW Marketing, a digital marketing agency who are making a difference. With 12 years of experience under her belt, she have helped countless B2B and B2C companies maximise their digital marketing potential. Creatively driven with a keen focus on results, she is passionate about working together with businesses to align their digital marketing campaigns to their business goals. Whatever industry or sector, she can help you on your digital marketing journey from start to finish, across all sectors.