KW Marketing Went Viral!

Viral. It’s the buzzword of the moment. Sometimes it feels like every single brand out there is on a mission to ‘go viral’ and launch a thousand clicks (and more!). For many, it’s like striking gold in the digital cyberspace. What with the most recent masterpiece that was the Barbie marketing campaign going viral – it seems like everyone was trying to tap into these golden clicks and cashing in on the hype.

It goes without saying – there is distinctively a good, bad and ugly side of going viral on social media. The good is obvious – instantaneous reach, enhanced engagement and builds brands credibility and trust. Insanely cost-effective as well as fun to build – viral campaigns give brands the opportunity to flex their creative muscle and really think outside the box on how they can best spend their marketing budget – viral social media can seem like a no-brainer for brands and businesses looking to stretch their reach.

The bad, however, can be downright ugly. The prospect of reaching thousands – if not millions – of people overnight and gaining widespread recognition for any brand is thrilling. However, the truth is that whilst going viral may seem like a dream come true, it can quickly turn into a nightmare for brands that aren’t prepared for the consequences. Brands that focus all their efforts upon ‘going viral’ can quickly find themselves down the rabbit hole with no way out. The short-lived attention from viral fame as well brand dilution can oftentimes be to the detriment of brand awareness. It can be said that instead of chasing virality, brands need to focus on a strong, consistent & authentic online presence that resonates with their brand presence over a long time.

KW Marketing went viral!

So listen here as we share our story of how going viral boosted OUR presence digitally. We’ve been in this game for a long time – and even sometimes social media surprises us! All of the content that we share we absolutely LOVE – we put our hearts and souls into creating content that we know that our audience loves, but sometimes we get caught out when certain posts are more loved than others! When we went viral just a couple of weeks ago – we were blown away by the amount of love on the internet! So read on to find out what we did…

Like many of you, we’ve been dialed into the recent rumblings at Twitter HQ. When the name change came into full force there were many jokes and giggles around the office of ‘X’ as well as discussions of how we can integrate this into our strategies for our clients. We all know that the digital marketing world flexes and changes at the drop of a hat – and it is imperative for brands to be able to flex and change with their marketing channels. Not only this, but we know that brands and businesses should be ensuring that they are speaking to their audience through the right channels. For a digital marketing service-based company such as ours – we know that our best audience is on LinkedIn, the best B2B channel out there. So how exactly did we go viral on LinkedIn?

Being fresh, relevant and topical is certainly key – and that’s why when we shouted out about our FAVE drinks brand Innocent’s hilarious take on the ‘X’ matter, we ourselves went viral! You can check out the post here if you haven’t already seen it!

Results 🔥

120,000 impressions (7000% profile impressions increase)
100 new profile followers
450% increase in organic search traffic

Whilst going viral certainly boosted our profile, we know that the hard work really begins now. Going viral is one thing, but maintaining an engaged audience with thoughtful content? That’s where we THRIVE. Thinking about stepping up your social media presence? Check us out here or get in contact today to find out more about how viral social media can help your brand awareness.