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Social media is a rollercoaster of updates, changing algorithms, hot new trends and a constant stream of messages from hundreds of different businesses every single day. How is your brand meant to get a look in with so much noise? Well, it’s always good practice to see what some of the bigger brands are doing across their social media networks. Let’s take a peek at some of the food and drink brands we think have created a social media buzz that keeps their audience interested and sets them apart from the competition, as well as setting new trends. Follow these five brands to get your creative juices flowing.

Innocent: master of reactive social media marketing

Innocent has to be one of the top social media presences, single-handedly spawning a trend for chatty, fun and offbeat content. Renowned for its humour and warm, light-hearted touch, Innocent has appealed to a wider audience by being relatable. Whether it’s reacting to the weather, trending topics online or big TV events, the smoothie seller wins with witty, tongue-in-cheek remarks, getting people talking and laughing.

Riverford: educational and insightful social media market leader

Vegetable subscription service Riverford Organic Farms has long had a reputation for engaging with customers on the story behind its product and, in its early days, grew a strong organic social media following without spending any money on campaigns. Its eco-conscious audience appreciates its down-to-earth content: they want the real story behind the produce, so social media is great for honest conversation. It’s also all about the veg. Riverford makes organic produce the star of the show with its Veg Hack videos and beautifully styled images of delicious recipes.

Little Moons: capitalised on TikTok fame

Bite-sized mochi ice cream brand Little Moons was doing well back in 2019 despite lockdown, but when it started posting on TikTok in 2020, the brand’s influence went stratospheric. By January 2021, Little Moons had gone viral with 15,000 Little Moons-themed TikTok videos, boasting over 500 million views. Sales skyrocketed. Little Moons used its TikTok success to reevaluate its audience, which was now much wider than first thought, and take advantage of audience growth. Going viral meant it could expand its target market to include not just young women in their teens and early twenties but also older and more affluent consumers.

Dash Water: sexes up social media sustainability

F&B brand newbie Dash Water knows its target audience of health-conscious, female Millennials are all over Instagram. So the wily wonky-fruit-infused water brand’s packaging is deliberately instagrammable, encouraging fans to share their experience with others. It also emphasises the serious problem of food waste in a fun, eye-catching way. The cheeky brand combines images of wonky fruit and veg – including some too provocative for Transport for London – with #deliciouslywonky on its social feeds to celebrate misshapen produce.

The Newt in Somerset: making gardens cool again

The Somerset mansion re-opened in 2019 as The Newt, a beautifully restored country hotel and spa where the meticulous grounds are the star attraction. Its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds are full of aspirational images of its lush gardens, nature and luxurious wellness activities. This slick social media approach appeals to its well-heeled, affluent and eco-conscious audience, who are advocates of the slow living movement and value experiences over things.

We’re not saying it’s easy, but with the right strategy and well-planned execution, you can see huge success on social media! We’re the food marketing agency you need. Book a free call here to talk about your social media strategy.