In the last 18 months I have discovered which marketing tools are right for my business.

In a world of CRM’s, Social Media Scheduling Tools and Email Marketing Platforms, choosing the right ones can be difficult.

From experience and lots of trial and error, here’s my cheat sheet on how to get a head start in such a crowded digital space.

Project Management-

Tricky, however if you are super organised like me, then it becomes a hobby. I have gone from using post it notes and A3 pads to one of the best Project Management tools around (or at least I think so!). Sure, there were lots of tools in-between such as Trello and Evernote, but finally I have found the perfect tool! Meet

‘Plan. Organise. Track. In one visual, collaborative space.’ has enabled me to plan multi-client, organise and assign work to my colleague’s, track deadlines and due dates, all in an organised workflow.

Social Media-

With the likes of Hootsuite dominating the market, it’s always a go to product for most businesses. However, I didn’t feel like Hootsuite was doing what I needed it to do. I couldn’t easily manage multiple accounts, I couldn’t post to Instagram and I didn’t like how it said ‘posted from Hootsuite’ on the actual posts. Which then led me on to find Buffer. I had heard a lot of chatter about it in Marketing Week, The Drum etc. so thought I would try it out for myself. And wow what a find. I can schedule posts on multiple channels, on desktop or mobile, see full post analytics and everything in between. Yes, it’s expensive however worth every single penny!

Email Marketing-

Email Marketing is becoming even more vital for businesses. Converting prospects into customers and one-time buyers into your biggest fans, finding the right platform is so important. Mailchimp is miles ahead of the curve, from personalisation to automation, detailed analytics to being GDPR compliant, it makes everyday tasks simple!

‘Become the brand you want to be with smarter marketing built for big things.’

Mailchimp has enabled me to deliver responsive, engaging and relevant emails whilst also delivering positive ROI.


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