KW Marketing SEO Case Study

We are a digital marketing agency that specialises in digital marketing consultancy, social media, email marketing, website design, SEO and everything in between. We are here to drive tangible results that turn our client’s business goals into reality. As a digital marketing agency, we are experts in getting our clients results.

The challenge

In 2022, KW Marketing grew exponentially, expanding the team 3 times. This meant that we went from a team of 1 to a team of 4! KW Marketing needed to update its web presence and make the move from ranking for freelance keywords to digital marketing agency keywords.

Time was of the essence – heading into 2023 and we wanted to up the ante massively on our SEO practices. After huge growth this past year, we were ready to take on new business and increase our client accounts. To generate these new leads we wanted to increase our visibility on search engine rankings to drive more traffic to our website and increase interest in our digital marketing services.

In terms of driving traffic to our website, we knew that organic traffic is HUGE in terms of standing out above the competition. We had 3 key goals: to increase organic search visibility, to appear in the top 10 when searched for by our target audiences and (best of all!) be in number 1 position for our target keywords. As well as this, we were looking for an increase in calls and enquiries.

No small feat – yet one that was undertaken with relish by the team!

The solution

As experts in digital marketing, we knew that we had to complete a full SEO audit to discover any opportunities to further optimise our website and to improve our organic performance. This audit provided us with the data we needed to optimise our website and strengthen its relevancy signals for search engines. From here, we created a strategy to implement these SEO recommendations and began work straight away so we could reap the rewards, as soon as possible.

Most importantly, we needed to target relevant keywords within page titles and headings, as well as filling content gaps across our site. We started rewriting the website copy to include the content which was previously missing and ultimately was stopping our pages from ranking. This was a key aspect in our SEO success.

Additionally, we also needed to target new relevant keywords, as since last year KW Marketing is now a trusted digital marketing agency with an ever-growing team. We worked hard on creating new blog posts for our website based on these relevant keywords and their visibility and volume scores. These new blogs also gave us the opportunity to improve our internal linking, which enables the passing of authority between pages. Without internal linking, search engines struggle to find those pages and index them.

The impact

After just under two months of hard work, KW Marketing saw an exponential increase in organic keyword traffic and organic visibility. Our change in focus has truly rocketed the KW Marketing website, generating huge results:

33% increase in Website Traffic
40% increase in Ranked Keywords
1.2% increase in Organic Visibility
6% increase in Referring Domains
1 new Top 3 Ranking Keyword
2 new Top 10 Ranking Keywords

This is a big reminder to practice what you preach. If you’re looking for SEO results like this, then book a call today to chat about how SEO best practices can really elevate your website and search engine rankings.