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The eCommerce world today is extremely competitive, with businesses looking to take every pound further. As a result, digital marketing now focuses more on squeezing each and every one of the online channels to go further. This means that social media is under scrutiny more than ever. Having a slick social media presence that is an open window to your brand can be the difference between sinking and swimming. However, with multiple marketing channels and multi pronged business efforts, businesses often can’t devote time and resources to social media – even though they should!

So, the more that the world is online, the more that social media is gaining importance. A new kind of professional has emerged to enable businesses to excel on social media while focusing on their strengths.

Enter the freelance social media manager.

Defining the Freelance Social Media Manager

A freelance social media manager is a freelancer. And they are social media managers.

Simply put:

  • They aren’t attached to one firm.
  • They may have a handful of clients.
  • Freelancers earn money on a per-job or per-hour basis.
  • They aren’t full-time employees.
  • They usually work as independent contractors.

As social media managers, professionals manage the firm’s online social presence. They wear many hats, including content production, strategy creation, and data analysis (freelance social media analysts).

If you want to hire a freelance social media manager, check for these skills.

9 Skills Every Freelance Social Media Manager Must Have

A freelance social media manager is also a freelance social media specialist. They have special knowledge and aptitude for social media. Still a bit lost? Here is where a freelance social media manager can help you.

1. Writing

A freelance social media manager’s most important skill is storytelling. Communication through the written word is the most powerful medium. A great freelance social media manager can speak in alignment with the brand’s voice. Their copy grabs attention, and their captions go viral. If you want to hire a freelance social media manager, writing is the first skill to look for.

2. Communication

Communication is the next skill. Social media, at its heart, is a means of two-way communication. As communication specialists, freelance social media managers should be able to attune their dialogue to every social media. They need to communicate to stakeholders in their voice and the brand voice.

3. Organisational skills

Organisational skills are the next valuable skill in a freelance social media specialist’s arsenal. These specialists conceptualise and execute campaigns from start to finish. They need to evolve policies and processes to do the job on time. A social media calendar is a great way to organise. If you are looking to hire a freelance social media manager, the third skill to check is organisational skills.

4. Creativity

Creativity is an important weapon in a freelance social media specialist’s arsenal. How do you stand out in a world drowning in social media content? Creativity is the USP of a brand. A freelance social media manager needs to create buzz-worthy content. If you want to hire a social media manager, the next skill to consider is creativity.

5. Customer care

The ability to be a customer care specialist is another attribute required in a freelance social media specialist. The latest Sprout Social Index says that 33% of consumers are likely to reach out on social media when they have a customer service issue. The idea here is not just to serve but to delight. If you want to hire a freelance social media manager, customer service aptitude is an ability to watch out for.

6. Marketing

Digital and traditional marketing skills are essential in a freelance social media specialist. The social strategy needs to be connected to larger business goals. This requires an understanding of traditional and digital marketing approaches. It also requires a seamless application of these. If you are looking to hire a freelance social media manager, marketing skills are a prerequisite.

7. Agility

Agility — a lean, mean mindset is the following prerequisite of a freelance social media specialist. Does the professional react fast? Do they adapt to a changing marketing landscape with skill and speed? Are they effectively tactical within the overall strategy?

8. Connections

The ability to make connections is one of the most important skills of a freelance social media specialist. Making social connections is essential. This is because customers are more likely to pay for brands they feel connected to. If you are looking to hire a freelance social media manager, look for their ability to make connections.

9. Data analysis

Data analysis is another vital skill in a freelance social media specialist’s arsenal. Looking at data and converting it into an actionable resource is an essential skill for them to have. Social listening is growing in importance. Mining qualitative and quantitative data for insights is important for social marketing success. If you are looking to hire a freelance social media manager, check their data analysis skills.

Once you know the skills required in a freelance social media manager, you know who you are looking for. But the question that begs to be asked is, “Why are you looking for them?”

Reasons to Hire a Freelance Social Media Manager

Hiring a freelance social media manager can have an extremely positive impact on your business. Here’s how!

1. Prioritising social media

For some business owners, it is challenging to prioritise social media marketing. When you hire a great freelance social media manager, you can be sure that they put your social media marketing first. It’s their job, after all. They carefully plan your content and align this with your business goals.

2. Strategy formulation

An excellent freelance social media manager is adept at strategy formulation. They answer extremely important questions. What kind of posts attract the most customers? Which platforms should you use? Which data insights should one look at? They then collate the answers to these questions into a powerful social media strategy.

3. A fresh mindset

Freelance social media specialists are at the top of the social media game. They are in touch with the best social media management tools. The captions they produce drive higher engagement than the average Joe can do. They attract more followers and produce actionable content.

4. Raising brand awareness

Great freelance social media managers grow your brand awareness. But they go beyond just that. They attract new followers and create a loyal “tribe” of engaged customers.

5. Quick responses

Customers want quick responses to their queries. If they don’t get timely answers, they may get frustrated and look to buy from your competitors. A freelance social media manager responds to questions quickly and stops customers from shopping elsewhere.

6. Defeat the competition

Freelance social media specialists use tools like SpyFu to keep an eye on the competition. They use these insights to create remarkably effective social media tactics that keep you on top of the game. By keeping eyes on the top minds in the industry, they grow your business strategically and tactically.

7. Engaging with followers

Your business needs to be known, liked, and trusted. This is done by building social engagement. How many likes, shares, and comments does your post have? Have any of your posts gone viral in the last few months? It is the job of a freelance social media manager to grow engagement and keep your brand voice at instant recall in the customer’s mind.

8. Delivering a great customer experience

Customers can tell all their friends about your business. Or they can leave a negative review. Delivering a superb customer experience is a necessity today. And you don’t want to leave this to an inexperienced junior. A great freelance social media manager can talk to customers in real-time, resolve their queries, and leave them delighted.

9. Amplifying influencers

Great freelance social media specialists can identify and connect with key influencers. They then work with these influencers to grow the brand’s trust and recall. Freelance social media managers amplify the power of influencers for their brand by working with them strategically.

10. Growing PR

A freelance social media manager can increase your PR exponentially. Social media is full of PR opportunities. An excellent freelance social media specialist can identify and work on those opportunities. In this way, they expand the reach of your business and deliver a very high ROI.

11. Release time for key business processes

Since you have hired a specialist for social media marketing, your time is freed up for key business processes. With your freelance social media manager at work on your social media marketing, you can relax and focus on the business areas you do best.

12. Stay a step ahead

Since freelance social media managers are specialists in their field, they are a step ahead of the competition. They put in time for research and creativity and work with the best tools in the market to keep you ahead of the game.

13. The power of rationality

Freelance social media managers are more likely to look at your social media marketing with a rational eye. They can make sound decisions that will ultimately benefit your brand. For example, they may respond better to snide comments and trolls than the business owner.

14. Let you do what you love.

Often, businesspersons don’t love social media. They might prefer to spend their time working on advertisements for their businesses. This is where freelance social media specialists work great. They give you the time to focus on business processes that you love and excel at.

15. Money

Often, social media managers can save you money. They know the best, most effective tools for various processes. They can harness various areas of social media marketing in synchronicity to deliver you a high ROI. In simple words, they can save you a lot of money!

16. Lean and mean

Freelance social media managers aren’t big agencies. They don’t work traditional hours. They are very invested in your success. You aren’t lost in a sea of clients. As a client, you are critical to the professional. This counts for a lot.

17. Expertise

We go to the barber for a haircut. We send a car to the mechanic for servicing. Why? The answer is expertise. Social media is no different. We need to outsource our social media management to the experts!

18. Work great in crises.

Sometimes having a freelance social media manager is a boon in a crisis. They can turn social media disasters into victory. Your supposed loss can actually be a massive win!

19. Multiplicative effect

When you hire a freelance social media manager, you often tap into the power of their communities. It’s like you are hiring more than one person.

Another positive of hiring a freelance social media manager is their ability to analyse. Freelance social media managers specialise in analysing social media data. Due to the proliferation of social media, there are endless reams of social data to use but not all businesses use it to gain market insights. You could set yourself apart from the pack by hiring a freelance social media analyst as these individuals harness and apply social data to marketing strategies.

The Final Word

Being a freelance social media manager requires individuals to be copywriters, customer service reps, analysts, strategists, and designers. Not everyone can be so varied in their profession. When you hire a freelance social media manager, you hire a set of skills specific to social media management. In three words, here’s why you need to hire a freelance social media manager: it makes sense.

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