Where to study Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the biggest discussion point in marketing departments across the world. But where do you study Digital Marketing and how do you become an expert?

Starting my career in London, Marketing was at the forefront of my career. Focusing mainly on PR, my role was to make sure the products we were marketing, had as much coverage as possible through offline media. Then, the term ‘Digital Marketing’ was introduced. But what did it mean? What would it change in terms of my role?

After deciding London wasn’t for me, I went to work for The Range on a multi-million-pound e-commerce website. At this point Digital Marketing was on the rise and businesses were discovering how they needed to adapt to ensure they were ahead of the curve. We were experimenting with homepage content, competitions, social media and email marketing. I attended regular conferences that were run by Teradata our email service provider at the time, it was at these conferences I picked up a huge amount of knowledge such as industry best practices and industry fails to stay ahead of the competition. It was at this point that SEO was coming into play, right at the beginning of it’s journey.

With Digital Marketing at the forefront every business my career took me to Mercedes-Benz South West where I had to fast track and become a specialist in multiple channels. I spent a lot of time studying with eConsultancy in Email Marketing and SEO. Their courses were second to none and extremely informative. Whilst also at Mercedes-Benz South West I studied with CIM for a Multichannel Digital Marketing Qualification and Transmedia in all Adobe Suites. To date, I can 100% say that attending meetings at Google HQ with MBUK is how my knowledge developed so quickly. Google are masters of the web and understanding their processes and information allows you to adapt your channels to suit their search engines and optimise your results.

I then went onto work in a Digital Marketing agency, Optix Solutions, a leap in my career that I never anticipated. Working solely on Digital Marketing your knowledge comes on leaps and bounds. Taking Google Certified Courses in Adwords etc. broadens your knowledge. Dealing directly with clients business matters, allows you to understand their needs and restraints. It also makes you see Digital Marketing in a whole different light.

The here and now:

And now, here I am. Owner of KW Marketing UK. All of the courses, all of the training and all of the learning is being used every day and I couldn’t feel prouder. My knowledge base is constantly expanding in such an ever-changing industry. Things can change so quickly but staying ahead of the curve is key. My go to sites for learning and industry knowledge are: eConsultancy, DMA, IDM, CIM, Marketing Week and a whole host more.