Meet KW Marketing: your Devon-based marketing agency making a difference. Say goodbye to worries about your digital marketing – we're here to help it work harder for you.

Are you ready to level up your digital marketing? Do you want to breathe life into your website content, or even just gain a fresh perspective? We know how difficult it can be for business owners out there. You might have been burnt before by other digital marketing agencies. All you want to do is to align your business goals with your digital marketing.

Enter, KW Marketing! Working with a marketing agency based in Devon might be all the difference that you need in creating meaningful, effective digital marketing campaigns that perform well, look epic and do good.

You may have heard that KW Marketing is THE digital marketing agency in Devon to work with. We are here to help businesses and brands like yours to THRIVE in their industries. From loyalty flows to marketing strategies, KW Marketing delivers top of the line digital marketing campaigns that deliver results. Highly impactful, these campaigns ensure that revenue and traffic are both delivered, whilst also on brand and impressive. Based in the sunny hills of Devon, KW Marketing is exceptionally proud to represent the county as a digital marketing agency that is making a difference.

From the smallest of social media posts, to the biggest of digital marketing strategies, KW Marketing prides itself on always helping our clients to succeed.

So, what’s next? We’re here to help YOU. Get in touch with our Founder and Director, Kate WIlliams, here to learn more about how your digital marketing presence can grow.

Why you need to work with a Marketing Agency in Devon.

Time and time again, business owners come to us with this issue. They are short of TIME and RESOURCE. We all know that small business owners are constantly juggling a plethora of different projects at any one time. For any small business owner, they are singularly the finance department, operations, HR etc. Time is short and they are constantly being pulled in a multitude of different directions. Unfortunately, we know that in so many small businesses, digital marketing is the lowest priority on the list.

However, by working with a digital marketing agency based in Devon, the issue of time can be solved. Working with KW Marketing can help you by offering your business expertise and strategy, aiding you in your journey to effectively and efficiently grow your brand.

With this in mind, we’re going to delve into why exactly you NEED to be working with KW Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Devon that is firmly focused on getting you results!


KW Marketing is an established business in Devon. All in all, our team has 20+ years of digital marketing experience in the bank - and every year they’re building on it. KW Marketing is well equipped to help you through any digital marketing difficulties and the sometimes confusing landscape that is the digital marketing world. We know from experience that brands and businesses can feel like they don’t know which way to start when they embark on their digital marketing journey. From digital dashboards that don’t seem to make sense, to acronyms that just keep on going - it can sometimes feel like digital marketing will never be understood! Thankfully, our team of digital marketing experts are here to help businesses and business owners to navigate through to their destination of growth and revenue.


Time and time again - we have small business owners come to us with the issue of money at the forefront of their mind. It’s simple to say - but we wouldn’t really be doing our jobs correctly if we didn’t help YOU. Our number one goal is always to assist our clients - no matter what they need! It doesn’t matter the size of the campaign that you might need help with - we’re here to help work within your budget and still deliver the results that you need. Whether you may need to scale up or down, our scalable service system can easily be flexed to suit what works for you. Our full roster of freelancers and in-house team are carefully handpicked to ensure that whatever your size, you’ve got the best team on the case.

So why should I choose KW Marketing?

We’re no stranger to the fact that it’s tricky for any small business owner to make digital marketing decisions. It can be a difficult marketplace out there - that’s why we want you to make the decision with all the truth at your fingertips. KW Marketing prides itself on cutting through the BS - always acting with honesty and integrity. We want your business to THRIVE and we know that we can help you to do so.

So, whether you choose us or not, we want to make sure that you take into consideration some other factors when you choose a digital marketing agency in Devon to work with.


At KW Marketing, we're all about keeping it real. We make sure to stick to our promises, be open and honest, and keep things transparent in everything we do. We get it – some folks have been burned by other agencies dropping the ball. But we've got confidence in what we bring to the table. We know our work can really make a difference in our clients' lives, so we're all about teaming up with them instead of working against them. No matter what comes our way, we're here to weather the storms with our clients. And just so you know, honesty is our go-to policy at KW Marketing, no exceptions!


We've got the absolute best crew at KW Marketing – real legends, no doubt. These guys are the most passionate, experienced, and go-getting team around. Whatever the digital marketing challenge, you can bet they'll handle it like pros, full of energy and a big ol' smile. Our clients can kick back and relax knowing their digital marketing game is in top-notch hands.


So, why are we in the game? Simple – we're shooting to be the top digital marketing agency in the UK. And our clients? They're right there on this ride with us. We're invigorated, determined, and all in for making some awesome stuff happen in your digital marketing world.

Our digital marketing services.

We cover a range of digital marketing services - suited to eCommerce businesses looking to rocket their growth. If you’re in need of a digital marketing agency based in Devon, then here are the services that we offer:

If you’d like to find out more about our services then head to our services page here!


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