Kolamba At Home

For our team, food is our sanctuary. We are constantly swapping over recipes, recommendations of places to eat or TikToks of a particularly delicious-looking dish. That’s why when our new client Kolamba At Home came onto the scene, we were over the moon to join them on their digital marketing journey and rocket their revenue.

Kolamba is a Sri Lankan restaurant that opened in 2019 in the heart of Soho, on Kingly Street. The restaurant takes its name from the capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo, and its menu is inspired by the country’s rich culinary heritage. Kolamba’s mission is to introduce Londoners to authentic Sri Lankan flavours and ingredients, using traditional cooking techniques and fresh, locally sourced produce.

Their Soho restaurant is a beautiful homage to their roots. Decorated with Sri Lankan artwork and furnishings, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The open kitchen allows diners to see the chefs at work, preparing dishes such as kotthu roti (a Sri Lankan street food dish made with shredded roti, vegetables, and spices), hoppers (a type of fermented rice and coconut milk pancake), and curries featuring locally sourced meat, fish and vegetables.

Having thrived in the restaurant space since opening in 2019, Kolamba was in need of pivoting their entire restaurant business when the 2020 lockdown hit. Switching to restaurant quality meal kits delivered straight to their customer’s doors, Kolamba At Home was born. Throughout all the lockdowns, Kolamba at Home was flying. However slowly but surely, as the world began to open up their revenue from their at home boxes began to fall.

Step in KW Marketing! Our digital marketing experts were on hand to increase revenue and deliver a robust marketing strategy that lasts.

The challenge

Kolamba At Home found themselves in the position of needing a full scale digital marketing rehaul for their At Home Boxes and to be able to take their business to the next level. Digital marketing agency, KW Marketing, worked closely with key stakeholders of the organisation to develop a cohesive and revenue-driving digital marketing strategy to help to effectively reach new audiences, engage loyal customers and drive revenue. The team conducted a thorough analysis of the organisation’s digital marketing presence in the online space and identified areas for improvement.

From promotional campaigns to educational activations, we were on hand to help with increasing the revenue accrued from digital marketing channels for the organisation.

The work that the team at Kolamba at Home put into the business and brand are second to none. They are resolute in their mission to bring authentic Sri Lankan food to the people of the UK. Of course – they don’t just serve delicious food but they also aim to share the rich culture and history behind each and every dish. During our work with them, we have launched some amazing campaigns as well as helped out on their sister site Kolamba.com.

The solution

KW Marketing began to develop a full-scale picture of where Kolamba at Home was currently sitting in the digital space. This was essential to finding out exactly what channels were working for them previously and what wasn’t working for them previously. The organisation’s digital marketing strategy needed to have a steadying hand to deliver their goals and objectives.

From this research, KW Marketing devised a clear digital marketing strategy and ongoing promotional campaign calendar that encompassed a range of digital marketing channels. Acquisition channels that were not optimised, such as paid social and PPC, were the initial focus, as was email marketing. It was obvious to see that email marketing was an incredibly under utilised channel and one that is key for any eCommerce website. Email marketing is intrinsic in engaging the existing customer base, whilst also leveraging their marketing and promotional tools to reach new customers.

In terms of retention, we developed – along with the in-house team – a content strategy that utilised social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to promote their menu items, delivery options, and special offers. These platforms have also allowed Kolamba At Home to engage with their customers directly, responding to feedback and queries in real-time.

Finally, we aided in website recommendations for their eCommerce site. As the team had years of experience in Shopify sites, it was clear to see where the issues lay and where amends needed to be made. By optimising their website content and using keywords relevant to their menu, location, and delivery options, we helped Kolamba at Home to improve their search engine rankings and attract more customers to their website.

The impact

Without a doubt, one of the most successful aspects of Kolama At Home’s digital marketing strategy has been their increase in revenue and website visits as a direct impact of their marketing. Kolamba At Home were able to see a massive increase in their revenue through the digital marketing campaign calendar for the company.

After 3 months of working with KW Marketing, Kolamba At Home saw elevated revenue, brand awareness and website visibility:

119% increase in Website Sessions
91% increase in Revenue
13% increase in Conversion Rate
120% increase in Paid Social ROAS
120% increase in PPC ROAS

“Kate and her team have been absolutely fantastic – incredibly professional, dedicated and they go above and beyond what is expected. We are thoroughly impressed and could not recommend them more!”

Aushi Mowella, Director, Kolamba At Home

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