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Welcome Programmes, Re-Engage Programmes, Loyalty Programmes and a whole lot more. What really is Email Marketing Automation?

Making Email Marketing customer journeys personalised, relevant and time sensitive is easier said than done however also crucial if you want to retain them as a customer. So many businesses are great at welcoming customers into their brand and introducing what they do however only a handful look into rewarding their existing and their loyal customers. Capturing customers before they drop off from your brand is also key as you might be able to change their mind before they hit the Unsubscribe button!

Welcome Programmes:

How do you introduce a new customer to your brand? Do you call them? Do you email them? Or do you just leave them to join the rest of your database. A Welcome Programme is essential when it comes to Email Marketing. Detailing what your business is about, who you are and what they should expect to receive from you is key. This could be shaped in multiple ways, it could be a single workflow or it could be more. Finding the sweet spot for your customers will become apparent once you start marketing to them.

Engage Programmes:

Once a customer has gone through the Welcome Programme they then become engaged. Shaping what you would like regular customers to receive on a monthly basis is the fun part. Newsletters, offers and much more this programme is based on keeping your customers in the sales funnel.

Re-Engage Programmes:

If customers aren’t buying, how do you reach them? Calling them might seem a little brash whereas email is far less pushy but just as effective. Setting up timings and triggers for this programme can depend on multiple factors. Are you basing it on them not opening an email or the length of time since they last purchased? Both parameters are valid however completely different workflows. You want to re-engage with them to see if they are interested in purchasing again etc. This programme needs incentives to show the customer what they are missing out on.

Loyalty Programmes:

By far my favourite programme. The Loyalty Programme looks after long serving customers and rewards them for being there. Basing this on number of orders, number of emails opened etc. you make the customer feel special in every way. These customers are your brands biggest asset.


There are multiple other programmes you can take your customers on however the above programmes are the first step in the right direction. From Birthday Programmes to Abandoned Cart Programmes and Order Notifications etc. there are so many different touch points to talk to your customer. Timings and triggers are key throughout!

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