Running an agency is a constant balancing act. Instead of having one boss you have several. Instead of having one brand, you have multiple. Each, as important as the next. My biggest learning throughout my career is that the power of planning should never be underestimated!

Introducing the three T’s…


With the world being saturated with buzz words, it’s important to ensure that every activity is explained in detail. Setting out clear, realistic, targets are a great way of quantifying each activity, whilst also meaning that you can be organised and focused with your time.

Never over promise! I have worked time and time again with people who set unrealistic targets and when they aren’t met it can become frustrating. It not only breaks trust but also sets you back with your workload. Being transparent from the beginning will not only save time but enable you to be far more organised with your workload.

Transparency is key, in everything that you do!


Realistic timelines not only ensure that you are in control of your workload but they are also key for delivery. Ensuring the work is on time, as promised, is paramount.

Make sure when you are planning your workload, that you leave enough time for each task to be completed and you aren’t rushing the overall output.


Tools that I couldn’t live without:

1. Google Calendar

My calendar is my little black book. I use it every single day, if not every hour and it is the most valuable tool/ app that I have. Every appointment, meeting, trip etc. is booked and planned, in detail. Without knowing my every move, it would make daily tasks extremely difficult and reduce efficiency, dramatically.


My absolute go to Project Management tool. With the ability to plan, organise and track all of my clients in one visual, collaborative space, it really is worth every single penny! Fully customisable, your boards are your space. I invite my clients into their own boards, so that they can easily see timelines and tasks that are yet to be completed. With the option to easily collaborate with multiple people, teamwork makes the dream work where is concerned. Every morning I log in and I know exactly what my ‘to do list’ is, meaning I am never far behind where I need to be.

3. Buffer

With the majority of my focuses being around Social Media, Buffer makes life simple! It enables me to plan, collaborate and publish show-stopping content across multiple brands, all in one space. Its analytics are just as impressive, meaning I always have the results at the end of my fingertips.

Always make sure you are transparent and have set realistic timelines. The power of planning should never be overlooked when you are managing multiple projects at once.