Kate Williams

May marked a huge milestone for me, but with the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, ‘the norm’ seemed a little out of reach to celebrate. As things are starting to ease, I have finally had some time to sit back and reflect on my biggest achievement.

I started KW Marketing back in 2017 and I never envisaged I would be where I am today. A young, ambitious, career-driven, 24-year-old, that was entering into the world of self-employment for the first time. With a small black book of contacts, a laptop, and lots of enthusiasm, the world was my oyster. Fast forward to my third year in business and wow it’s been busy.


My client base has expanded beyond belief, across a multitude of industries. From food to fitness, charities to construction (to name but a few), each and every client I have worked with has been an absolute delight.

Whether its project-based or becoming an extension of my client’s team, I feel proud to be able to work alongside some of the most talented professionals. Spanning from the North East to the South West, in a digital world, distance is irrelevant.


Something that I thought wouldn’t impact me and my business, but how wrong was I. It has been absolutely heartbreaking watching the effects roll out over the last few months. Family, friends, colleagues, clients, the list of people in my life who have been affected by this pandemic is endless.

The pressure has been on, for three solid months. 14-hour days, enough brainstorming for a year, and a whole load of coffee. My role in a marketing capacity has never been more important. Whether that’s educating, raising awareness, keeping the end consumer safe, or ensuring that my clients find a way to carry on through this crisis and stay afloat on the other side.

So here I am, three months into the craziest, most rewarding period of my whole career. I’m exhausted, but immensely proud of every single one of my clients and how they have improvised, adapted and overcome one of the toughest challenges to date. Which, I am sure we won’t be forgetting, for a long time to come.

The Future

I get asked regularly what the future looks like for KW Marketing and still, three years in, I don’t know the answer. My black book of contacts has grown more than I could have ever wished for, with all of my work coming from recommendations. My office is a tranquil, calm and productive space, that I am so proud to call my own. My knowledge has grown beyond belief and if the last three years is anything to go by, the future really excites me.

Working alone can be tough at times, with no steer from above, no pats on the back, but receiving reviews like these make every second of building my empire, worth it.

“Kate started working with our company around three months ago and she has been absolutely amazing. It’s not just her expertise (which is fab) and her drive and energy (impressive) – it’s also that she ‘got’ us from day one and became an essential part of our small team almost immediately. She has made a massive difference to our social media marketing campaigns but also adds value to lots of other aspects such as our brand and our content marketing. We came across Kate by chance (well, her strong Google presence really!) and we are so lucky to have as part of our team.” Lucy Adams, CEO Disruptive HR

“As an international charity, we needed a social media expert who could provide a high level of ongoing support with our digital channels. Kate was personally recommended to us and, having now worked with her for a few months, I’m not in the least bit surprised. She’s entirely reliable, always responsive, and is a joy to work with. Kate fully invests her knowledge, skills and energy into our work, and there’s no doubt she’s helping us raise our standards improving our results. Kate’s a crucial and appreciated extension of our team.” Neil Tinson, Marketing Manager Hope and Homes For Children

Here’s to the next three years!