The NEW digital age - the 7 key principles of marketing and why they're important

Welcome to the digital era. It’s time for your business to join the big leagues – and we have got just the thing for you. We always say that digital marketing shouldn’t be difficult for anyone to integrate into their business. Rather, it’s a much-needed addition to your ever-evolving business strategy – especially if you’re looking for GROWTH in conversion rates, brand awareness, and most importantly revenue. If anything – digital marketing is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to business strategy. But where exactly to start? What if we told you that all it took was seven easy steps?! Seven simple solutions to set your digital marketing on fire – and then some! So sit tight and read on for the 7 key principles of marketing – and why exactly you need them for your food and drink business.

Believe us when we say – these are THE seven key principles that you need to always keep in mind when it comes to your marketing. But, what ARE the seven key principles of digital marketing? Digital marketing agency KW Marketing is here to help guide you through.

So let’s start at the beginning. The 7 marketing principles are also known as the marketing mix. Also more commonly known as the ‘7 P’s of marketing’, following them can help you to optimise your marketing and make sure that everything is running smoothly. So, are you ready to find out about how these 7 principles can form the basis of your marketing and increase your revenue? LET’S GO!


The first principle is product (or service: depending on your business) – and potentially, this is the most important. If your product isn’t right for your target audience then you may struggle to market it effectively. The best way to ensure that your product is right for your audience is by using value proposition and audience segmentation. Put simply, this is just figuring out the value of your product, what it offers and the specific audience that you are trying to target.

PLACE to feel something

Once a good product has been established, it’s time to decide where that product is going to be marketed and sold. This doesn’t always have to stay consistent; it can change depending on many different things like season or demand.

It’s all about the PRICE

This is what your target audience is prepared to pay. You should figure out the correct pricing strategy and revenue streams for your business. There are many different pricing strategies and the one you use should be based on what the product is, how much the target audience is willing to pay, and the manufacturing.

PROMOTION to the top!

Promotion is simply just choosing the correct marketing strategy for your audience. It has many elements to it including:

  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Direct marketing
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Product placement

To make sure that your promotion is successful it’s best to use a few of the elements. Even slight changes to your promotion can create higher sales and it is good to change the way you promote even now and again to keep customers and gain new ones.
By mixing up different types of promotion as well as adopting an inbound marketing strategy which consists of attracting, engaging and delighting your prospects. As a business owner, you should always think about how you will use this strategy at each stage of the funnel, ‘top, middle and bottom’ to be able to create valuable and tailored content for your prospects.

It’s all about the PEOPLE

People refer to anyone that comes into contact with your customer. This includes anyone that has indirect contact with them! Make sure that you’re recruiting the best talent at all levels – not just in customer service.

PACKAGING makes perfect

A company’s packaging catches the attention of new buyers in a crowded marketplace and reinforces value to returning customers. Make sure that you make your packaging work harder for YOU.

PROCESS, process, process

How are you best to deliver your product to the customer? This could be how the service is provided, how the product is packaged and delivery of said product. The easier it is for your customers to get your product, the more likely they are to buy it.

These 7 principles are the best way to improve your digital marketing, build your brand awareness and MAKE MONEY! We’re a digital marketing agency that makes a difference, helping food and drink businesses to improve their digital marketing. Get in touch to find out more or take a look at our digital marketing services here.