… so far!

Have you ever felt that sinking feeling when you realise you’re one of very few females at a meeting or networking event? Me too. I normally try to ignore the fact I am one of the only women and just crack on. And, since breaking free to run my own business, I’ve learned to embrace my instincts. Feminine business traits, such as communication, compassion and collaboration, have become my superpowers. I work from this place of authenticity: it’s more efficient, feels better, attracts the right clients – many of whom are male, by the way! – and is more nurturing for those clients. Working in this way – just by being myself – has also helped me build a supportive team of incredibly talented strong people with whom I regularly collaborate on projects. So, how did I get here? Let me take you on my journey.

Working in male-dominated environments

I’ve had to learn to be tenacious and know my stuff inside out to be taken seriously, particularly when working in traditionally male-dominated worlds. This skill set, borne of necessity, sets me apart. I’ve learned to work harder, smarter, more efficiently and with more authority – and this is a huge gift.

Building a business

My number one lesson to successfully build a business is unshakeable self-belief. Take yourself seriously and others will follow your lead. Check out these incredible female digital marketing entrepreneurs for more inspiration.

Empowering other women

Running a business means there’s a lot to learn and not enough time to do it all. Support is key and asking for help is a strength, not a weakness. The female brain is wired for collaboration. Connecting with other like-minded people in the digital marketing arena – both men and women who are all fantastic at what they do – and hearing their ideas and perceptions as well as offering my own has helped everyone to grow their businesses. Win-win.

Fighting for a voice – even now!

There is still a long way to go. Traditionally male-dominated cultural mindsets are slow to change and this still affects me as a young woman when pitching for new business. However, rather than lamenting the challenges I have faced, I feel empowered and grateful. It’s made me the strong woman and entrepreneur I am today and I know it’s set the foundations for an exciting future.

I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences on working in male-dominated environments. How has it affected you? And if you’d like to learn more about my people-focused digital marketing process, find out more about how I can help here and or get in touch.