The shape of KW Marketing after five years in business

What’s your favourite cake? I’m in need of a nice slice of something decadent because it’s KW Marketing’s birthday! Yes, I’m celebrating five years in business and I can’t quite believe how fast time flies when you’re (mainly!) having fun. I’ve been thinking about how far KW Marketing has come.

This is what KW Marketing has achieved.

KW Marketing has gone limited. Although it was scary going from sole trader to a limited company, it’s given me a more professional business structure.

I’m letting go to grow. I’m employing an account manager to help run the day-to-day running and management of client accounts. Delegating is hard because KW Marketing is my baby but to thrive, I need to focus on clients and the strategies that will help them most.

I’ve established my new Exeter office space. It’s heaven to finally be able to meet clients in real life again and now I have the perfect tranquil, calm and productive place to show them how to THRIVE!

KW Marketing has evolved so much that it’s rebranded, not once but twice. Read all about the KW Marketing branding concept here.

My clients have truly THRIVED!

My client base has expanded beyond belief, across a multitude of industries, from food to fitness, charities to construction and beauty to baking.

All my clients overcame challenges during the pandemic. I’m so proud of how they improvised and adapted through such a tough time and turned it into the craziest, most rewarding period!

I’m celebrating three years with Disruptive HR. I love working with this innovative agency, led by ex-BBC HR Director and CEO Lucy Adams and Director Karen Moran. Because of the pandemic, we’re still yet to meet in real life!

KW Marketing has also taken a huge bite out of the food and drink arena. I work with Jane’s Patisserie, the wildly popular blog of Instagram sensation, best-selling food writer and photographer Jane Dunn, plant-based chef Bettina’s Kitchen, gourmet popcorn brand Popcorn Kitchen and vegan and plant-based protein brand BodyMe.

I’ve entered the world of beauty. I’m excited to be working with luxury skincare expert Harpar Grace.

My heart remains firmly in the South West. Although I work with brands all over the UK, I credit my success to working with dynamic organisations across the region, such as Devon fitness community 10X Fitness, non-profit organisation Active Devon and Pipers Farm.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

Embrace your instincts. Traits that I may have suppressed before going out on my own, such as communication, compassion and collaboration, have become my superpowers.

Work from a place of authenticity. It’s more efficient, feels better and attracts the right clients.

Work harder, smarter, more efficiently and with more authority. To be a success, I’ve learned to be tenacious and have unshakeable self-belief!

Collaboration is key! I connect with other like-minded people in the digital marketing arena and we support each other. I also surround myself with the best possible people. Watch a video about how I’ve harnessed the power of collaboration here.

Be organised. Over the years, I’ve honed a four-step process for clients that gets results every time: strategy, planning, implementation and reporting. Learn more about the process here.

Never stop learning. I’m always researching new technologies, new trends, new systems, new training courses, all in order to make sure I’m ahead of the curve. It is so important to me that my clients are confident in trusting my knowledge and experience.

Crunch the numbers. I get results because I analyse the data. Every brand is different, every audience is different and learning what works is the hardest part. When you have the learnings, the marketing behind the brand becomes exciting. I quantify the work that is being carried out and look at ROI in detail.

Do what you love! I started KW Marketing so that I could love what I do every single day! I’m constantly looking forward to new projects, new challenges and meeting new clients.

Well, it’s been a ride! Yes, there are times when running a business has been a slog. It’s stressful, lonely and the hours are endless. But it also allows for independence, flexibility, creative freedom, learning opportunities and personal satisfaction – a formula that works for me so I can produce the best possible results for my amazing clients. Here’s to the next five years!