Between working from home, pivoting strategies to cope with unprecedented challenges and working on staying healthy and well, it’s understandable if your business goals took a temporary back seat in 2021. But with Christmas complete and the new year right around the corner, now is a great opportunity to reflect on the progress you’ve made in 2021, reset your goals and hit the refresh button. Here, I share some tips on how to make sure you don’t just survive but THRIVE in 2022.

1 Take time to reflect

Before you begin making plans to grow into 2022, reflect on the twists and turns of 2021. Think about what you’ve learned, what could be improved on and what you want to deliver. Get clear on your language to attract the right clients. For example, I’ve established a KW Marketing tone of voice and style guide to help me and the people I collaborate with be more efficient, consistent and effective in my brand’s communications.

2 Get clear on your values

Remind yourself of what is vital to your business and what makes it special. Values anchor your thinking and doing, making them authentic. Mine are based around the acronym, THRIVE:

  • Transparency
  • Hard work
  • Results
  • Insight
  • Vision
  • Energy.

Is there a word that sums up your business? Have a play-around!

3 Follow your intuition

Each of us is different so it’s essential that you trust yourself to do things the right way for you. Don’t adhere to society’s rules on when you should be at your desk, for example. Listening to your energy levels throughout the day and doing tasks based on how you’re feeling leads to a happier, healthier business. I always try to do some exercise before hitting the emails – it totally sets me up for the day!

4 Do what works best for you

There’s never enough room in the budget to do everything. Put your money into what’s already working and empower you and your team even more. Stick to your core strengths – don’t get swayed by what others are doing if you can’t make it work for you.

5 Invest in your people

As we enter an era of consciousness, the people you work with want to believe in what you’re creating and know that their work is meaningful. I surround myself with people who completely buy into why I do what I do – and invest in them. Not only are they experts in their own function or craft, but they increase the total emotional intelligence and resilience of my brand.

6 Go at your pace

Fast usually equals first, but don’t grow for the sake of it. Be brave and do new things, but build positive momentum, not chaotic workloads. Keep it real and know your limits to ensure your efforts aren’t wasted and to keep burnout at bay.

7 Look ahead with curiosity

OK, it’s blowing my mind just thinking about 2022, but it’s also really useful to look ahead to the next decade! This isn’t as scary as it sounds – just think about where your market will be in five and 10 years’ time. This requires you to stop, research, imagine and formulate an opinion on what’s to come, keeping you on your toes.

What steps are you taking to get ready for 2022 and beyond? Do you need some help on where to focus your digital marketing activities? Please get in touch for a free discovery call and make the coming 12 months your time to shine.