KW Marketing’s first LIVE event sparks a fire for success

Since the beginning, there have been certain milestones to building the KW Marketing brand that we knew were Big Deals (that’s capital B and capital D!). Becoming a limited company, hiring our first employee, having our first office space… they have all been important rungs on the KW Marketing ladder; waypoints in our story to show that we’re on the right path. And the path has only ever led UP!

Hosting a live event has been one such waypoint. We’ve dreamed, schemed, planned, and prepped for hosting an event – one space, one day, one location that food and drink businesses can attend and start on their journey to digital marketing success. And in April 2024, we were finally able to make it happen! With the help of our friends at Unscripted Marketing, we hosted and delivered our first-ever business growth event, fueling ambition and success for food and drink brands in the region.

Held at the sprawling Winslade Manor, we saw more than 45 South West businesses attend the event – each eager to spark ideas and set a fire under their plans for success in 2024. From our friends at Boundless Activated Snacking to the behemoth that is Quickes Cheese, to bakery legends Foxcombe Bakehouse and artisans Devon Distillery – the room was filled with experts in their fields and established businesses looking to join our community.

We’re so lucky that in the South West – we really have the best of the best. We partnered on the day alongside Taste of the West, Food Drink Devon, Unscripted Marketing and photographer Becky Craven. These industry giants took the event to the next level and we were beyond grateful for their wisdom, energy and support on the day.

With so many wins just within the first half of 2024, the success of FUEL Live has been a cherry on top of the cake. Founder and CEO of KW Marketing, Kate, has just recently been celebrated in Business Insider South West’s 42 under 42 powerhouse list and spoke in the keynote speech at the event. Kate said “the energy, ambition and drive to succeed from everyone in the room created an atmosphere like no other. FUEL Live was more than just a networking event; there was connection, learning, and friendships formed, which in a challenging world for small businesses is so important. On a personal level, it was fantastic to get so many like-minded people together in one room. The South West is known for its thriving food and drink scene for good reason, so to be able to collaborate, share knowledge and just have a brilliant time celebrating how far everyone has come, and explore what they want to achieve, was fuel for everyone in the room to be even more ambitious!”

Kate and the KW Marketing team are the ULTIMATE champions of food and drink brands in the region. It’s been their passion that has brought the event to life. In her keynote speech, Kate divulged how food and drink brands can unlock the power of digital marketing to make 2024 the year of ambitious growth and new levels of success. The KW Marketing team also showcased their dedication and experience via their client, nationally renowned Popcorn Kitchen, showcasing their exceptional results around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas which included 70% YOY revenue growth, sales from social media up 400% and an increase in customer numbers by 55%. This highlighted the immense power of aligned digital channels including email, social media and paid advertising in a real-world setting for other brands to learn from.

Further speaker highlights included Cathy Moseley, the strategic mind behind Boundless Activated Snacking who highlighted how and when to scale up a business, John Sheaves from Taste of the West on how to utilise the powerful South West region and build a thriving community, and Rob Hartman of Pop Restaurant Exeter who spoke about their success from a small start up to the nationally recognised brand and much-loved restaurant they are today using the power of community.

Community is something that means so much to the KW Marketing team. Having built the brand and business in the South West, it goes without saying that to have a room full of local food and drink brands filled the team’s cups right up. Feedback from the event included statements such as “Great event with very interesting content, this is the way forward and you are leading it”, “You absolutely smashed it, the event was incredible”, and “An absolute triumph”, with 100% of people saying they would attend a future event. It’s incredible to see that the one thing that has never changed in the growth of KW Marketing is their relationships with their clients. They aren’t just another business, another email address, another number. They become their world and by truly understanding their client’s needs and goals, the team does everything we can to help them on THEIR growth journeys!

Cathy Moseley, from Boundless Activated Snacking, also shared; “As a small business in the South West, we often find ourselves navigating the unique challenges of building a community outside the bustling hubs such as London. Foodie events such as FUEL serve as invaluable platforms for connecting with like-minded individuals in our backyard. Big thanks to KW Marketing for hosting such an insightful event!”

Kate added: “The feedback we have received since the event is a testament to what a success FUEL Live was, it’s something that we will definitely look to recreate to help even more food and drink brands to grow and have all the success they want – FUEL 2.0 is coming and this time we’ll be on the move so watch this space!”

Are you a food and drink business looking to FUEL your next stage of digital marketing growth? Get in touch with the team to chat about your bespoke strategy.