When the festive season is in full swing with turkeys a’gobblin’ and mince pies a’mincing, there’s sometimes no opportunity to sit back, relax and take stock of how far you have come over the past 12 months. Our digital marketing agency has really come into its own this year and we feel it’s important to reflect on what went well – and what’s been challenging in these ever-turbulent times – to understand how to thrive even more in 2023.

We have GROWN our Digital Marketing Agency!

We grew the team not once or twice but three times! KW Marketing has gone from strength to strength this year and it has been amazing to have started building our team of digital marketers who love what we do and have fun at the same time! With Mela, Hannah and Scarlett joining the team as Account Manager, Account Executive and Intern Whizz respectively, KW Marketing has been able to reach new heights. We’ve been able to onboard some incredible clients and really rocket their digital presence.

Our clients are really THRIVING!

Throughout this year we have been so incredibly lucky to work on some rewarding projects and campaigns with some wonderful clients.

The digital marketing industry continues to flex and change. Our clients and ourselves have been faced with turbulence within our industries – from economic uncertainty to the fallout of COVID still playing a major part in our lives, it’s been a whirlwind of a year. We have been able to help our clients navigate treacherous waters by steadying their Digital Marketing ship and ensuring that they’re equipped to take on any storm.

We’re so thrilled to work with so many amazing clients that are growing with us! We’ve taken a huge bite out of the food and drink space, working with gourmet popcorn brand Popcorn Kitchen as well as the authentic Sri Lankan feasting box company Kolamba At Home.

Over 2022, our digital marketing agency has helped SMEs reach their target audience and rake in that revenue. We’ve got a keen eye on 2023 for all of our clients as we continue to help them THRIVE.

We have our own digital marketing space to call our own!

We were over the moon when this year, our little digital marketing agency established our own office space. Moving into our co-working office in Exeter has really taken us to the next level. Being surrounded by other creative businesses and freelancers has been so refreshing and enlightening for the team! Working there is a great celebration of community and inspiration, plus it’s amazing to be able to meet clients face to face! Watch this space for our next big move…

We’ve partnered with Farms For City Children

Perhaps one of the most rewarding days of 2022 was our visit to the wonderful Farms for City Children HQ at Nethercott House in Devon. Throughout 2022, we’ve partnered with them to sponsor a child every quarter to be a Farmer for the Week. Our sponsorship means we can help urban youngsters experience the adventure of working together on farms in the heart of the British countryside. We’re so proud of this partnership as it upholds one of digital marketing agency KW Marketing’s values: energy. We can’t wait to see where this partnership leads!

We’re grateful for resilience and kindness

For KW Marketing, 2022 has brought a certain kind of calm after the chaos of 2021 and 2020. Through lockdown after lockdown, we’ve all emerged on the other side a bit more cautious, a bit more relieved but certainly a bit more raring to go. That doesn’t mean to say that there hasn’t been elements of uncertainty that have lingered throughout 2022. We have all felt the waves when external factors send their ripples throughout our industry. It’s often felt like there’s been once-in-a-lifetime headlines to contend with daily.

Nevertheless, we are reminded every day of how incredibly resolute people are. From our clients, team, friends and family, we’re so grateful for their stability and kindness.

We can’t wait to see what 2023 brings us. We’re moving on up, empowering SMEs to achieve their digital marketing goals and dreams and helping them to thrive. So we’re raising a glass to 2023 – here’s to the next 12 months!