Welcome to part two of our foodie digital marketing series – ‘How you’re using digital marketing in your business’. As a food and drink digital marketing agency that THRIVES on helping brands reach their goals, we love to delve deep into foodie digital marketing. We work alongside incredible food and drinks brands and we LOVE to champion local businesses. We’ve been reaching out to some of our favourite foodie brands to see how they’re using digital to get ahead – and how you can do it! We’ll be looking into their social media marketing, email marketing and PPC to really get into the nitty-gritty of how these fabulous foodie brands use digital. You can head to part 1 here where we have delved into social media marketing and how brands like YOU are utilising it to get ahead. But if email marketing is what you’re all about? Stay here to read on…

If you know anything about us, you’ll know that email marketing is our bread and butter (excuse the pun!). For food and drink brands, we know that email marketing is integral to a digital marketing strategy. Brands NEED to create quality content that showcases their wares but also grows their audience and spreads awareness about their brand. Whether email campaigns are promotional, educational or informational – everyone knows that email campaigns need to be able to drive that traffic to wherever you need it to go.

An extraordinarily powerful tool, food and drink brands can use email marketing to their advantage by leveraging email marketing strategies to reach their revenue goals. Highly cost-effective with a high return-on-interest (ROI) potential alongside unparalleled reach, email marketing is able to provide a distinctly unique platform to engage with customers, drive sales and foster brand loyalty.

But how does email marketing help your food and drink brand to reach your revenue goals? We put this question to some of our favourite brands out there. We wanted to see exactly how email marketing helps them in the digital world. We’ve done a deep dive into their businesses to really get down to the nitty gritty of why they use email marketing and how it works for them. Are you ready? LET’S GO!

So, how does email marketing boost YOUR revenue goals?

Email marketing and food and drink brands go hand in hand like wine and cheese! What is most key when starting your email marketing journey is building a personalised customer journey. Arguably more so than any other channel, email marketing allows brands to be able to craft deeply personalised customer journeys and are tailored to all kinds of individual preferences and behaviours. By segmenting email lists based on demographics, purchase history and engagement levels, brands are able to deliver targeted content, offers and recommendations. Therefore, you are your customers’ one stop shop for their own personalised products. This personalised approach enhances customer experiences, leading to increased brand engagement, repeat purchases, and ultimately, higher revenue.

Similarly – there’s a reason as to why your customers have signed up to your newsletter. And that’s to see what you have to sell! Email newsletters serve as a direct channel for food and drink brands to announce new products, dish out limited time promotions, and serve up special offers. By regularly sharing enticing updates and exclusive discounts via email, brands can generate excitement and anticipation among their audience. Moreover, incorporating visually appealing images and compelling storytelling can captivate subscribers and prompt them to make purchases, thus driving revenue growth.

That being said – effective email marketing goes beyond just promoting products. For any food and drink brand, their aim needs to be building lasting relationships with customers. It’s all about quality – by consistently providing valuable and relevant content, such as recipe ideas, cooking tips and nutrition advice, brands can position themselves as trusted advisors. This nurturing approach fosters customer loyalty, increases brand advocacy, and ultimately leads to higher customer lifetime value (CLV) as well as most important of all, positively impacts revenue goals.

Email marketing also aids in challenges that eCommerce businesses face – like cart abandonment. Email marketing is perfectly placed to help recover lost sales by sending automated reminders to customers who leave items in their carts without completing the purchase. These reminders can include incentives like discounts or free shipping, encouraging customers to return to the website and complete their transactions, thus boosting revenue.

Finally – say it with us – DATA IS QUEEN! Email marketing campaigns are invaluable in the way that they can be used as a tool for collecting customer feedback and insights. By including surveys or feedback forms in their emails, food and drink brands can gain valuable information about customer preferences, satisfaction levels, and suggestions for improvement. This data can help brands to refine their offerings, optimise marketing strategies, and ultimately enhance revenue generation.

By embracing this cost-effective and highly efficient marketing channel can allow your food and drink brand to stay competitive, engage with your audience, and achieve long-term success in the dynamic digital landscape.

So how do YOU use email marketing?

We’ve been speaking to some of our favourite food and drinks brands to hear about how they use email marketing. An incredible 93% of brands surveyed have shown that they not only use email marketing but that they have goals for their email marketing efforts. 60% of these brands are using email marketing to generate leads. Food & drink eCommerce brands such as Unrooted Drinks and TeaPro are maximising their email marketing by ensuring that their digital marketing is delivering what it needs to!

We’re in particular agreement with the brands surveyed – as Klaviyo has come up number 1 in terms of what the best email marketing software to use is.

Lead magnets are for the win – 86% of those surveyed have indicated that they either have email automations implemented, or they’re looking to implement them! SW Foodie brands Cornish Cheese Co already is reaping the benefits of lead magnets whereas cake connoisseur Cake or Death is looking to implement one into their digital marketing mix.

Ice cream giant Salcombe Dairy has taken this one step further – they know the benefits of mixing email marketing with their organic social media marketing. They’re utilising a multi-channel mix to pump up their database and engage their audience. Win-win!

As we all know – the results speak for themselves. Nuzest Life is all about the gains – they’re measuring the effectiveness of their email marketing through revenue generated and lifetime value of their customers. These two key metrics are imperative when analysing your email marketing data – well done Nuzest! Baboo Gelato are taking their data collection one step further to inform their results. Their goal to grow their data set is bolstered by their email marketing and they reach their email marketing goals through campaigns to their Trade audience (to inform) and retail (get them to visit the kiosks). 99’s all round, we think!

So there we have it! Some of our favourite brands stepped up to the plate to show how they’re using digital marketing to get ahead. Interested in taking your next step in the digital marketing world? Let us help. Check out our lead magnet here to unlock the next steps of your digital marketing journey.