Social Media Content Creation Agency

In our digital world, we know that competition is incredibly fierce between brands to capture audiences’ attention. Every business knows that having a smashing social media strategy is key to successfully increasing brand awareness and sales. By creating high-quality, on-brand content, businesses are able to speak directly to their audience and create a brand lifestyle that’s desirable. But with customers wanting ever-increasing brand transparency, how can you as a business produce relatable and authentic content? That’s where a Social Media Content Creation Agency comes in…

1. Incredibly cost-effective

First of all, a Social Media Content Agency will save you both time and resources, which can be used instead to work on other aspects of the business. From creating engaging imagery and videos to writing captivating copy, your social media will be completely taken care of, only needing that final sign-off. Additionally, it’s a cost-effective way to grow your social media channels, as depending on the scope of your social marketing needs, it may be cheaper to work with a digital marketing consultancy than hiring a full-time team.

2. Creativity abounds

To align with consumers growing need for brand transparency, it’s vital that social media posts are authentic and genuinely relatable for your target audience. For many eCommerce businesses, customers no longer want to see edited, studio imagery of products but would rather real-life imagery and video content of the products being used. Nowadays, authenticity is key and customers love to see the real personality of brands. As an experienced Social Media Content Creation Agency, we’ll design a social media strategy with all elements of content such as photography, videography and copywriting, to be used for social media, websites and any digital marketing. Our strategies are filled with creative, purpose-filled and personalised campaigns that nurture your audience whilst staying true to your brand values. We creatively optimise our content by pairing thoughtful copy with sharable, emotion-evoking content to engage audiences and convert them into brand advocates and eventually paying customers. Being on top of the trends is crucial when planning social media campaigns and that’s why we are sure to curate a collection of various content forms such as images, reels and videos, voiceovers and trending sounds. Our blog on five food brands that are killing the social media game, goes to show how innovative and thought-provoking content can make sales skyrocket and increase audience engagement.

3. Authenticity and originality

As we’ve mentioned, brand transparency and authenticity is of high importance for consumers. They want to know the brand story and make sure it’s values align with their own. Customers are now more than ever becoming conscious of what and where they are purchasing from, so it’s vital that the brand voice is consistent throughout its social media content. For example, in our case study with Aviela Skincare, we dug deep to get to know the brand inside and out and their brand purpose and values to put together a cohesive social media strategy, focusing on telling the story of Aviela Skincare. From this, Aviela Skincare saw 408 new followers and an average engagement rate of 20.25% (industry average of a good engagement rate lies at 3-5%). As content creation experts, we know how to seamlessly control the online perception of your brand to include the brand voice and values, whilst ensuring that you stand out against competitors with engaging content.

4. Maximum exposure

The greatest benefit about authentic content creation is that is can be used across multiple marketing platforms, such as for email marketing or product pages on websites, helping to enhance your brand image across all these digital marketing platforms. A seamless customer journey for a business is aided massively through cohesive content creation. Additionally, as a social media agency, we ensure content is always optimised through data-driven scheduling, to give maximum reach, impressions and engagement for all posts. Results can be further enhanced through paid social ads, to amplify your organic social content and capitalise on its success.

5. UGC and influencer marketing

People buy into people and that’s why User Generated Content (UGC) is set to be one of the biggest social media trends to be used within marketing strategies in 2023. User Generated Content is another avenue of content creation where brand specific content is posted to social media by customers or content creators, such as an unboxing video on Instagram or a morning skincare routine posted to TikTok. From posting videos to testimonials or even writing blogs, content creators can help with taking your brand’s authenticity to the next level, by growing brand loyalty and its community. As part of our content creation service, we can oversee the management of User Generated Content (UGC) and how it can be implemented in your digital marketing plan and decide which platforms will deliver results for your brand. Additionally, we can accelerate this type of content through influencer marketing by gifting products to influencers within your target audience, who then share and create content with these products. This ramps up that authentic content that’s going to convert new customers into revenue whilst continuously bringing back you loyal fans.

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