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What is Email Marketing Automation?

By Kate Williams | 14 November 2017

Welcome Programmes, Re-Engage Programmes, Loyalty Programmes and a whole lot more. What really is Email Marketing Automation? Making Email Marketing customer journeys personalised, relevant and time sensitive is easier said than done however also crucial if you want to retain…

What’s your Social Media Strategy?

By Kate Williams | 8 November 2017

A Social Media Strategy, the spine of your Social Media Marketing. But how do you go about creating one? Where do you start? What’s your Social Media Strategy? Firstly, deciding what channels to focus on can be daunting. There is…

Happy Birthday Month

By Kate Williams | 30 October 2017

November marks 6 months into my new business venture! Setting up KW Marketing UK has been my biggest career challenge to date, but wow what an exciting 6 months it has been. Happy Birthday Month to us! Starting out in…

Where to start with digital marketing?

By Kate Williams | 22 October 2017

A minefield in itself! Digital Marketing covers multiple channels and platforms, and is at the heart of most businesses. Whether you are running an e-commerce site or an informative site, Digital Marketing needs to be your core focus. With various…

When to start a small business?

By Kate Williams | 10 October 2017

When is the right time to start a small business? Do you wait for someone to tell you that now is the right time? Or do you just go with it and believe that you can do it? May 2017…

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