A look back on 2023

2024 has started with a BANG! The KW Marketing team is back and better than ever. So far in 2024, we’ve launched our BRAND-NEW Strategic Growth Workshop and set up our clients with their big digital marketing goals for the next year – the first week of 2024 has been a whirlwind!

However, we’re sentimental folk here at KW Marketing. Before we fully bid farewell to 2023, we can’t help but take a look back at all the AMAZING milestones and achievements that have made this year truly special. We’re so proud to be a digital marketing agency that MAKES A DIFFERENCE – and we can’t wait to see what the next 12 months bring!

South West is ALWAYS best

You know it, we know it. Everyone knows it. The South West has our hearts ALWAYS. And we kicked off 2023 in the best way possible – by giving back to our incredible Devon community. We were over the moon when we were asked to take part in our FIRST-EVER workshop for Devon County Council. Getting up in front of any group of people is extremely nerve-wracking, but with good friends by our sides (in the shape of the wonderful and supportive Jessica Wiggins), our first foray into public speaking was an incredible success! An amazing way to kick off KW Marketing’s 2023 – by showing off our digital marketing agency prowess and experience in front of some wonderful South West businesses.

Awards season = our favourite season!

Glitz, glamour and going for gold. Our favourite three things! And in 2023 we aimed for the stars. We attended not one but TWO awards ceremonies in the South West, celebrating the best that our area has to offer. As a digital marketing agency, we know that we are making a difference in our client’s lives and it was fulfilling to be celebrated for doing as such. For both the Exeter Living Awards and The Notty’s Awards, KW Marketing was able to fly the flag for female-led independent agencies that do things a bit differently from how they’re usually done. We couldn’t be prouder of our team – our fresh new agency was competing with industry giants, and we were standing our ground! And as for that coveted award? Well, just watch this space…

New team GROWTH!

Shouting out our dynamic, passionate team. Lucy and Laura joined the ranks this year and they have absolutely FLOURISHED! We are so proud to have them on the frontlines of our digital marketing agency, helping our small team to do the work that even larger organisations are capable of. The KW Marketing dream team was joined by our favourite recruits – Rafi and Blue, the little kittens – and they were the perfect accompaniment to our digital marketing mission


Exeter, London and next? THE WORLD! We’re joking (or are we!), but we were incredibly proud this year to open our London office. Based in the hub of Notting Hill, our London abode is the perfect place for us to meet clients in the city and have a space for our East-based team to meet. It has always been a dream of our founder, Kate, to have an office in the Big Smoke, and it was a thrill to make this a reality this year. KW Marketing will continue to fly in 2024, using both Exeter and London as a base.

And most importantly, we’ve seen our team and clients THRIVE!

From popcorn legends Popcorn Kitchen to the industry-leading Disruptive HR, it’s clear to see that our clients have THRIVED. We are so proud of all the campaigns, creatives and content that has been produced this year, and all of the revenue that has been driven!

KW Marketing has absolutely smashed all of its goals this year – from going viral on social media to partnering with our favourite project management system Monday.com, launching our game-changing online masterclass and welcoming a roster of AMAZING new clients – this year has without a doubt been the most thrilling and successful year yet for our digital marketing agency. We can’t WAIT for the next 12 months to see what they bring – another year of growth, inspiration and building incredible relationships.

Here’s to an even bigger and BOLDER 2024 for our digital marketing agency!