KW Marketing Turns Six

Mathematicians say that the number six is perfect. Well, a perfect number anyway. So it’s all the more reason for celebration as it’s KW Marketing’s sixth birthday! We’re celebrating six years in business and I can’t believe how much we’ve grown over the last six years – from the team, to the clients, to ourselves, personally! The team and I have been thinking up our most memorable moments over the past six years and looking into the future on what’s to come. Ready? LET’S GO!

Six digital marketing services a-counting!

With over 2o years’ experience under our belt, we’re so proud of our 6 digital marketing services. From social media marketing & content creation to website development and design – we know that our services and the results that they deliver are the best of the best.

I am so proud that we consistently strive to deliver honest results that really make a difference to eCommerce businesses. Foodie brands and businesses that want sustainable growth digitally is our bread and butter and we know how much we can help those brands in need. Find out more about our digital marketing services here.

Five fab client industries – and then the rest!

In our sixth year, we have been so so lucky to work with some incredible clients and fantastic businesses. We absolutely LOVE all the industries that we work across and have learned so much over the years, but we wanted to give a particular shout-out to the five industries that we have THRIVED in, time and time again. In these industries, we have delivered results month after month and we LOVE to see how they change and flex with time…

  • Food and Drink – of course, our number one favourites!
  • Beauty – pampering ourselves is always top of the agenda.
  • Luxury Aesthetics – the glitz and the glam, we love it!
  • Charity – helping to support those close to our hearts is always worth it.
  • Professional Services – making sure everything B2B is ship-shape, is always a fun challenge!

From the wonderfully delicious Kolamba to the silky smooth Aviela, our clients are the lifeblood of our business. The vibrant and formidable Disruptive HR has been our guiding light over the past 3 years and we’re so thankful for ALL their support.

We would obviously have to shout out our foodie faves as well – Ryders Bakery, BodyMe and Popcorn Kitchen – each so uniquely different in what they do, and each of them KILLING it in their spaces!

Working with Hope and Homes for Children has been a delight as well as our charity partners Farms for City Children. Two incredible charities who are making the world a better place for all. We adore all our clients and their industries and feel so lucky to be working with such inspiring brands and people.

Four HUGE announcements!

May isn’t just our birthday month – we’ve also got four HUGE announcements this month!

We’re so proud to say that we are now officially Food & Drink Devon members here in the South West. With quality, sustainability, and provenance at the heart of what they do – it was simply a no-brainer for us to become members! I think we all know that our most successful clients are definitely the foodie ones – and if they’re based in Devon then we love them for their South West roots! A fantastic networking team to be a part of and we can’t wait to continue to go to their events and meet some fabulous Devon-based brands!

Not only this but we have a brand new MASTERCLASS launching this month! The result of a lot of hard work from the team and I – I can’t wait to tell you more about it in due course. Watch this space!

And finally – we have two amazing announcements to do with our wonderful team members! May heralds the arrival of a SUPER exciting new addition joining our ranks and we cannot WAIT for them to get started. More on this to come soon! Finally, our wonderful Account Executive, Scarlett is departing our shores and moving to sunny France for the summer! Don’t worry – she’s not going far, she’ll just have a decidedly more picturesque background in Zoom calls!

May is one of our favourite months with our birthday – and with all of our other INCREDIBLE activities going on this year… it’s going to be hard to beat!

Three makes a party – and we’ve got the best crowd!

I might be biased, but our team is really THE BEST. Hannah and Scarlett are my right-hand women – KW Marketing wouldn’t be able to do what we do without their knowledge and energy. They are what drives this company forward and I couldn’t be prouder of them!

With Hannah and Scarlett by my side, it really does feel like we can take on the world. With them, we’re able to head up a team of fantastic freelancers and professionals that absolutely boss any project thrown their way. I’m so privileged that in all my years since I have started KW Marketing, I am now able to work with the best of the best TEAM. Here’s to you guys!

Two huge achievements – just in the last year!

We haven’t exactly kept quiet about it but we were SO proud when we were nominated as a finalist in the prestigious Exeter Living Awards. As a South-west based business, to be able to rub shoulders with so many other incredible businesses and brands in Devon and beyond was just incredible. We had the most amazing night celebrating alongside all our other nominees! You can read all about our journey to the awards here.

Not only this, I was so thrilled when we finally became a limited company. KW Marketing has grown in more ways than one and what started out in my bedroom at my Mum & Dad’s house has grown up, and I couldn’t be more proud! Going limited was an amazing goal to achieve in our six years and to have achieved everything that we have done in the past year is outstanding.

One team – one dream

What’s our biggest dream, you ask me? To become the most trusted digital marketing agency – UK wide. And we’re well on our way to doing it! Over the last year in business, we have really rocketed our growth and now we are one of the UK’s fastest-growing leading digital marketing agencies.

What an incredible six years. We’re constantly learning, growing and helping our clients to THRIVE. The last six years have had its ups and downs but the future is definitely looking oh so BRIGHT! I’m incredibly proud of all that we have achieved and the lessons that we have learnt. Most of all, I’m proud of how at the heart of our business, we have consistently stayed the same over the past six years – honest, loyal, and driven with a huge dollop of energy! Here’s to us!

I can’t wait for the next six years!

Love, Kate Xx