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You’ve probably heard of paid social media but you might not know exactly what it means. Paid social media is a method of advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok that targets specific audiences. Implementing a paid social media strategy can be a great way to increase revenue whilst keeping advertising costs low. You could be getting a 50X return-on-ad spend with a paid social agency, such as KW Marketing. Just check out our case study on our work with Popcorn Kitchen and how paid social ads made their sales explode.

But why exactly is a paid social media strategy so successful?

1. It’s versatile

Depending on your business goals, there are multiple ways you can use paid social ads to benefit your business. From increasing brand awareness to promoting your newest offer, you can use paid social ads to drive your audience to a specific destination and conversion point. This can be a home page, product page, landing page, or social media platform – the sky’s the limit! By using specific CTAs and links, you can decide the journey of your audience and convert them into customers. Be it a visit to your landing page, an e-commerce sale or by gaining contact information through an email marketing pop-up, you are in charge of your customer’s journey and the route in which you would like them to go down. When planning your paid social ads, you’ll want to take a funnel approach by creating different ads which allow you to build brand awareness, increase consideration and drive conversions. At the top of the funnel, your ads should make new users aware of your brand. In the middle of the funnel, your ads should encourage new users to engage with your brand, and finally, at the bottom of the funnel, your ads should retarget users, which should lead to those all-important conversions! Maximise your budget by planning and executing multiple paid social ad campaigns and target specific audiences for your specific goals.

2. The ability to target

To achieve these specific goals within your paid ad strategy, it’s vital that you’re targeting the right audience to see those conversions happen. When creating paid social ads, there are numerous filters that can be applied so that you target your A-list audience. You’ll be able to create a target audience of people by their gender, age, interests and occupation. For instance, in our case study with Disruptive HR, a London-based consultancy that helps leaders and HR professionals, we used paid social ads to place their business in front of new audiences who matched their specific demographic.

3. It’s cost-effective

Implementing paid ads into your social media strategy is a great way to see results when working with a limited budget. It’s one of the most cost-effective digital marketing avenues to roll out. Social media ads are priced on the length of the campaign and the potential number of impressions your ads will be getting. Many social media channels will have a minimum daily budget, however, these usually start very low and will vary depending on your bid type – for example, clicks or impressions. The ability to pay the low minimum daily budgets for your paid ads is what makes it affordable for those working with a limited budget.

Additionally, on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you can boost posts to reach more people and promote your business. With boosting you select the specific post you want to promote, set a budget and the duration of how long you want it to be boosted and leave the social platform to work its magic. This way you can have complete control over what you’re spending without the worry of going over budget. This feature also allows you to select a specific target audience or similar people to your followers, which again will vary depending on your goals and objectives. However, it’s important to note that boosting specific posts has a lot less capabilities with regard to targeting compared to social media ads themselves. Therefore, if your goal is to target a very specific audience then a paid social ads campaign would be more suited to your strategy.

4. Capitalise on your organic social media strategy

Your digital marketing channels should always be complementing one another – working in tandem to achieve the higher goal. One of the best ways to utilise a paid social media strategy is to draw in your audience to your carefully curated organic social media feed with paid ads that amplify your content and act like a natural part of the social media experience. With compelling ad copy, you can target your ideal customer more precisely and increase visitors to your organic social accounts. This works particularly well if your objective is to increase social visitors, followers and account engagement.

So are you ready to harness the power of strategy, and start implementing a paid media strategy for your business? Power up your sales, gain customer loyalty and find new markets all whilst keeping your advertising costs down. With the right strategy and well-planned execution, you can see huge success on social media. Get in touch to find out more.